Bioinformatics Scientist Contributes Analysis to Endometrial Cancer Study

Fahong Yu, Ph.D., Associate Scientist at UF | ICBR Bioinformatics, provided research assistance in a recent study that looked at the genomics of endometrial cancer.

Dr. Yu performed data analysis and was a key collaborator in a study performed by UF Physiological Sciences researcher Ana Mesa, Ph.D.

After mice genes were sequenced using the Illumina HiSeq3000, Dr. Yu provided a bioinformatics analyses on the resulting data.

The results of the study have positive implications for the field of endometrial cancer research by providing a deeper understanding of the gene expression of uterine epithelial cells that develop endometrial cancer.

The study was published in the Physiol Genomics journal in an article titled “Mice lacking uterine enhancer of zeste homolog 2 have transcriptomic changes associated with uterine epithelial proliferation”.

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