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Bioinformatics News

New Publication from Bioinformatics’ Tongjun Gu

Bioinformatics assistant scientist Tongjun Gu Ph.D. has developed a two-step logistic regression model for association studies where known factors can serve as controls. The model is helpful for studies seeking to identify novel regulators in the RNA editing process where the dominant enzyme was found in the first step and...
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BI associate scientist contributes to two publications

Bioinformatics associate scientist Fahong Yu, Ph.D. provided research assistance in two recent publications (2019). Oral epithelial cells (OEC) that line the oral cavity are the first line of defense against pathogenic organisms including viruses that infect the body through the oral route. The role of the OEC in triggering the...
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BI assistant scientist develops a tool for stratifying cancer patients

Bioinformatics assistant scientist Tongjun Gu Ph.D. has developed an advanced deep learning method to stratify cancer patients into clinically relevant subgroups and further identify the potential biomarkers between the subgroups. This will help with the development of personalized treatments and prognosis. The method can integrate multi-platform datasets like gene expression,...
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Dr. Tongjun Gu, from ICBR Bioinformatics, Improves Discovery Pipeline

Bioinformatics assistant scientist Tongjun Gu Ph.D. has improved the pipeline for discovering ncRNA editing sites from four human cancers. Published in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, Clinical Relevance of Noncoding Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA Editing in Multiple Human Cancers, Dr. Gu’s research also presents multiple advanced statistical methods for differential and survival analysis....
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The Beast is Here! ICBR Launches the NovaSeq 6000 DNA Sequencer

The ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing Core provides cutting edge instrumentation and technical expertise required to support campus-wide research activites. Established in 1987, the NGS Core has contributed to significant scientific discoveries on campus. For example, did you know that the first fire ant genome was sequenced on ICBR instruments? And genomes...
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Introducing Core Directors’ Open Consultation Meetings

In a continued effort to provide accessible and specialized expertise to our users, UF ICBR is proud to announce our Core Directors’ Open Consultation Meetings. Each month we will be available for a two hour walk-in session to discuss the best approaches and strategies for using ICBR technologies and expertise...
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ICBR Bioinformatics Contributes to Landmark UFHCC Publication

The ICBR Bioinformatics Core contributed to a high-profile paper from the cancer research laboratory of UFHCC Director Dr. Jonathan Licht, recently published in Cancer Discovery. The paper, entitled “A Mutation in Histone H2B Represents a New Class of Oncogenic Driver”, describes how mutations in core histones disrupt nucleosome stability, leading...
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