Agilent Technologies 2200 Tapestation

Agilent Technologies 2200 Tapestation

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The Agilent 2200 TapeStation system is a revolutionary automated
platform for simpler, faster and more reliable electrophoresis. It is made
up of three elements: a consumable tape (ScreenTape device), an
instrument (the 2200 TapeStation instrument), and an Agilent Software
package (2200 TapeStation Controller Software, and Agilent TapeStation
Analysis Software). The system is very straightforward to use, simply
place the sample tubes and ScreenTape device in to the 2200 TapeStation
instrument and let it load, separate, image, analyze, and present the

This User Manual guides the operation of all ScreenTape assays, the 2200
TapeStation instrument, and software for the analysis of DNA, RNA, and
protein samples. The contents of the ScreenTape system are detailed

Information pertaining to the 2200 TapeStation system can be found in:
• Technical Specification
• Agilent 2200 TapeStation Instrument Components
• Installing the System