Illumina HiSeq 3000

Illumina HiSeq 3000

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The HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 Systems leverage innovative patterned flow cell technology to provide rapid, high-performance sequencing. Perform production-scale, high-throughput exome or transcriptome sequencing projects quickly and economically.

The HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 Sequencing Systems build on the proven performance of the HiSeq 2500 System and leverage the patterned flow cell technology of the ultra-high-throughput HiSeq X Systems to deliver high sequencing speed and performance. Offering high coverage, fast turnaround times and the flexibility to process various sample types, the HiSeq 3000/HiSeq 4000 Systems provide a multi-application solution for production-scale genomic laboratories.