Olympus IX70 (CTAC)

Olympus IX70 (CTAC)

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Olympus IX70 Inverted Widefield Epifluorescent Microscope

Basic manually controlled inverted microscope for fluorescent or brightfield samples mounted on slides or in dishes/plates. Mercury metal-halide white light lamp for fluorescence excitation and DAPI, GFP, TRITC filter cubes. An additional Cy5 filter cube may be installed if needed. The microscope is equipped with a QImaging Retiga 4000R monochrome camera for fluorescent pseudo-color or brightfield monochrome imaging. This system also has an optional LCD color module which allows it to capture images of color stained samples in brightfield. Images are acquired using QCapture Pro 7 software.

Objectives: 4x dry, 10x dry, 20x dry LWD, 40x dry and 60x water.

Location: CTAC Imaging Suite (MBI LG-164)