Olympus IX81-DSU (CTAC)

Olympus IX81-DSU (CTAC)

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Olympus IX81-DSU Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope #2 (Motorized)

Spinning disk confocal inverted microscope with motorized XY stage for fluorescence labeled samples. Available Tokai-Hit stage top incubator with active CO2 and temperature regulation and passive humidity, for imaging live cells in a 35mm dish. (The Tokia-Hit unit is CURRENTLY OFFLINE). Motorized XY stage movement for tile-mapping (AKA mosaic or stitching) and Z-drive for basic confocal Z-stack imaging. Mercury metal Halide white-light lamp for fluorescent excitation.

Objectives: 10x dry, 20x dry, 20x dry LWD, 40x dry and 60x water (60x BROKEN)

Fluorescent filter sets: DAPI, GFP/FITC, TRITC, Texas Red, and CY5. Camera: Hamamatsu ORCA-AG (12 bit monochrome)

Camera: Hamamatsu ORCA-AG (12 bit monochrome)

Software: 3i SlideBook v4.2 (with Deconvolution module) on a Windows XP workstation. This software is also available on our separate Windows XP Analysis Workstation.

Location: CTAC Imaging Suite (MBI LG-164)