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Offered Services

Cell Sorting - Staff-Assisted and Full-Service

Flow cytometry sorting analysis is used to identify sub-populations for enrichment. We have large instruments that can detect up to 17 Fluorescent parameters. We offer both staff assisted sorting as well as training for self-service usage on our smaller Sony SH00 sorter. Cells can be sorted into 4 populations of interest can be sorted into Tubes (5ml FACS, 12ml Conicals) or 96 well plates. We can sort single cells into each well of the 96 well plate and index map them back to the original population of interest within the software. Customers will receive data and purified cells. ICBR staff is available to advise on specific sample requirements.

Confocal Imaging - Full-Service

An ICBR staff member will work interactively with customers to produce confocal images from live or fixed preparations. The customer is responsible for preparing stained slides or cell cultures.

Drop Off Flow Cytometry Sample Analysis

An ICBR staff member will analyze samples prepared by the customer and produce a report containing selected graphs and statistics. Prepared samples must contain dissociated cells (or subcellular particles) in suspension, usually stained with one or more fluorescent dyes.

Equipment Training

Equipment Training is available to all users, and must be requested in ilab. All equipment training will be scheduled by CY staff at their earliest availability and is intended for those who already have some knowledge of flow cytometry. Training for novice users is carried out interactively using samples prepared by the customer.

Project Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss custom project needs and prepare a project outline with an ICBR staff member.

This is required for all new sorting projects or any cellular drop off projects where Flow Core Staff will be running samples for customers.

Request FCS Express Login Account

Use to request an FCS Express login. After submitting this form, a Cytometry Core member will provide details on how to obtain the software.

Access is provided to UF Staff/Students if you are a registered self-service user of the Cytometry Core instruments. Access is time-limited, based on your continued use of the lab.

Training Courses

The focus of this course is to teach the best practices when using this cutting-edge technology to produce the most reproducible publication-quality data for your research studies. We will cover the basics of instrument operations to proper controls, experimental set up and design, as well as hands-on techniques in proper instrument operations and the acquisition of a stained 6-color PBMC panel. Following the acquisition of real samples, we will practice proper compensation set up as well as manual vs. digital compensation in your experiments. All these topics and skills are required for new, as well as experienced, users to learn and apply them correctly to your daily research.


Course Contents

  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry instrumentation – fluidics, optics and electronics
  • Proper voltage set up on the instruments and why this is important
  • Understanding Staining Index and Titration MFI curves
  • Proper use of Isotype, Unstained, Positive and Negative controls
  • Proper use of Fc Antibody Block to prevent non-specific staining
  • Proper Compensation and FMO gating controls
  • Panel design titrations, validation and optimization best practices
  • Flow Cytometer Setup (BD LSRII BD CANTO II or BD LSRFortessa with FACSDiva v8) with special emphasis on digital vs manual compensation
  • Basics of flow cytometer settings – voltages, gating, dump channels, exclusion and compensation
  • Hands-on acquisition of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) with a basic 6-color flow panel – two teams to acquire two different panels 
  • Each attendee will setup a flow cytometer and perform manual compensation, acquire data and discuss data analysis as a team, in FlowJo or FCS express 6.0 software