Important Year-End Dates for UF | ICBR Users

Important Year-End Dates for UF | ICBR Users

As 2020 comes to a close, ICBR’s upcoming billing schedule will be altered as follows:

  • 12/14/2020 – Last invoices generated in 2020
  • 12/21/2020 at noon – Deadline to submit disputes for 2020 payment.

If you have expiring funds, please work with your core laboratory contact to make sure your project is completed and billed before the 12/14/2020 invoices are posted.

Core-Specific Dates and Deadlines


  • 12/22/2020 – CY labs, both CGRC and MBI, will shut down for the holiday break and be back up online by 5:00pm on January 4th 2021. All self-service usage is suspended during this closure for the holiday. We are currently booked through the end of the year, but are accepting sorting and project requests for January 2021.

Electron Microscopy

  • The EM Core has staff booked for projects into the new year. We will continue to accept new projects requests, provide consultations and answer questions to the best of our ability, but turn-around times may be longer than you have previously experienced.

Monoclonal Antibody

  • 12/18/2020 – All animal orders will need to be submitted by Friday, December 18th to receive the week of January 4th, 2021, due to UF being closed from December 24th, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021.
  • 12/23/2020 – MA instruments (Octet, Wes, Plate Readers) will be unavailable for customer use from Dec 23 – Jan 3rd. We will be performing preventative maintenance.

NextGen DNA Sequencing

  • 12/15/2020 –  Last day to submit samples for processing this year
  • 12/16/2020 –  All sample submitted on this date or later will be processed after the Holidays.
  • 12/23/2020 –  Last day of work for 2020.

Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry

  • 12/09/20 – Wednesday (5pm) is the last day in PM for the end-of-year sample submission.