4700 MALDI-TOF/TOF ABsciex

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The 4700 runs the MALDI ionisation technique which is used for samples that do not run by electrospray. The instrument is capable of measuring mass over the range of 1 to approximately 400,000 Da. However below 300 Daltons, the matrix ions will obscure the sample, and above 100,000 Da, ionization is difficult. This means the instrument has an optimal working range of 400 to 100,000 Da. The system is ideal for biological and polymer samples. High and low energy MSMS spectra can be produced. The system incorporates a reflectron that increases the flight time of molecules allowing higher resolutions to be obtained.  Samples can either be run via the service or you can be trained to run your own. Contact a member of the Mass Spec team to arrange training.

N.B. This system has now been replaced by the Bruker ultrafleXtreme which is available to trained users. This is a jointly owned piece of equipment with Biochemistry and is currently in room 3.09 of the Sanger Building.


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