GE Typhoon Trio+ variable Mode Imager

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GE Healthcare Typhoon Trio Variable Mode Imager System

The Typhoon instrument is a variable-mode imager that produces digital images of radioactive, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent samples. The Typhoon instrument is available in several models. The Typhoon Trio instrument contains three internal lasers (blue, green, and red).


  • Red, Blue, Green Laser Modules Built in
  • Image Quant and Scan Control Software loaded on computer
  • All Necessary Cables, Cords and Manuals

 For DNA, RNA, and protein samples, users can choose from:

  • Storage phosphor autoradiography
  • Direct green (532 nm) excited fluorescence
  • Direct red (633 nm) excited fluorescence
  • Direct blue (488 nm) excited fluorescence
  • Chemiluminescence


  • When one of the five scanning modes is selected, the appropriate optical components are automatically activated.
  • Typhoon imagers scan mounted and unmounted storage phosphor screens, gels and blots up to 35 x 43 cm as well as microarrays.
  • Typhoon imagers exhibit outstanding linearity and quantitative  accuracy, and include ImageQuant TL Image Analysis Software.
  • Typhoon imagers are fully optimized as part of the Ettan DIGE system, and seamless integration with DeCyder Differential Analysis Software
  • is ensured for all models.
  • Special tray templates that are part of the latest scanner control software and new optional Gel Alignment Guides add higher throughput and ease of handling 2-D gels run on Ettan DALT and SE600.

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