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2017Aberrant splicing in maize rough endosperm3 reveals a conserved role for U12 splicing in eukaryotic multicellular developmentBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Malignant round cell tumor with SS18-POU5F1 fusion: is it a myoepithelial neoplasm, a synovial sarcoma or a new entity?Gene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013Validation of reference transcripts in strawberry (Fragaria spp.)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2015The Arabidopsis Mediator Complex Subunit16 Is a Key Component of Basal Resistance against the Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorumGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013A genome-enabled, high-throughput, and multiplexed fingerprinting platform for strawberry (Fragaria L.)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Clinical efficacy of spray?based heat?treated lactobacilli in canine atopic dermatitis: a preliminary, open?label, uncontrolled studyGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2019The avocado genome informs deep angiosperm phylogeny, highlights introgressive hybridization, and reveals pathogen-influenced gene space adaptationBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Gene expression profiling in the ovary of Queen conch (Strombus gigas) exposed to environments with high tributyltin in the British Virgin IslandsGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2015A Comparative Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles during Skin Regeneration in Mus and AcomysBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2019Transcriptomic Analysis of Aedes aegypti Innate Immune System in Response to Ingestion of Chikungunya VirusGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013Potential use of low-copy nuclear genes in DNA barcoding: a comparison with plastid genes in two Hawaiian plant radiationsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2016The Elongator complex?associated protein DRL1 plays a positive role in immune responses against necrotrophic fungal pathogens in ArabidopsisGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2016Cellular events during scar?free skin regeneration in the spiny mouse, AcomysBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018The Arabidopsis Elongator Subunit ELP3 and ELP4 Confer Resistance to Bacterial Speck in TomatoGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2017A comprehensive analysis of alternative splicing in paleopolyploid maizeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2015Gene expression profiling leads to discovery of correlation of matrix metalloproteinase 11 and heparanase 2 in breast cancer progressionGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2017Genome?wide association study reveals putative regulators of bioenergy traits in Populus deltoidesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2019Increased burden of mitochondrial DNA deletions and point mutations in early-onset age-related hearing loss in mitochondrial mutator miceGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013The potential of genomics in plant systematicsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2014Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Polymorphisms Predict Opioid Consumption in Postoperative PainGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2014A high-density gene map of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) based on exome sequence capture genotypingBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2019Extracellular pyridine nucleotides trigger plant systemic immunity through a lectin receptor kinase/BAK1 complexGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2015Genome-wide identification of evolutionarily conserved alternative splicing events in flowering plantsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2017Single-cell gene expression of the bovine blastocystGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2017Detecting alternatively spliced transcript isoforms from single?molecule long?read sequences without a reference genomeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2016Effects of Long-Term Exercise on Age-Related Hearing Loss in MiceGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2014Effects on specific promoter DNA methylation in zebrafish embryos and larvae following benzo [a] pyrene exposureBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Exogenous Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Induces Resistance to Citrus Canker in CitrusGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2015MarkerMiner 1.0: A new application for phylogenetic marker development using angiosperm transcriptomesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2015Arabidopsis Elongator subunit 2 positively contributes to resistance to the necrotrophic fungal pathogens Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria brassicicolaGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2018The maize W22 genome provides a foundation for functional genomics and transposon biologyBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013The Arabidopsis Mediator complex subunits MED14/SWP and MED16/SFR6/IEN1 differentially regulate defense gene expression in plant immune responsesGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013Assembly and Validation of the Genome of the Nonmodel Basal Angiosperm AmborellaBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Transcript Profiling of MRSA Biofilms Treated with a Halogenated Phenazine Eradicating Agent: A Platform for Defining Cellular Targets and Pathways Critical to Biofilm SurvivalGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang
2013Whole?exome targeted sequencing of the uncharacterized pine genomeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013The Amborella Genome and the Evolution of Flowering PlantsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2015Development and validation of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the measurement of total plasma immunoglobulins in healthy loggerhead sea (Caretta caretta) and green turtles (Chelonia mydas)Monoclonal AntibodyShadi Bootorabi
2014Streptococcus mutans OMZ175 invasion of human tissues in cultureMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2017Lack of pheromone reduces nematode dispersalMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2018Deletion of a conserved transcript PG_RS02100 expressed during logarithmic growth in Porphyromonas gingivalis results in hyperpigmentation and increased tolerance to oxidative stressMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2019GSTA4 mediates reduction of cisplatin ototoxicity in female miceMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2015The collagen binding protein Cnm contributes to oral colonization and cariogenicity of Streptococcus mutans OMZ175Monoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2013Development of a novel ex vivo porcine skin explant model for the assessment of mature bacterial biofilmsMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2015Antimicrobial dressing efficacy against mature Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm on porcine skin explantsMonoclonal AntibodyEdith Sampson
2021Injectable nanofibrillar hydrogels based on charge-complementary peptide co-assembliesElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley, Kimberly Backer-Kelley
2014Ball Python Nidovirus: a Candidate Etiologic Agent for Severe Respiratory Disease in Python regiusElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2019A defective release of host defense peptides is present in canine atopic skinElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2016Genetic characterization of esocid herpesvirus 1 (EsHV1)Electron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2018Involvement of Root Hair during Rhizobial Invasion in Cultivated Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)Electron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2017In situ observations of Akashiwo sanguinea(Dinophyceae) displaying life cycle stages during blooms in a subtropical estuaryElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2013A method for preparing spaceflight RNAlater?fixed Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae) tissue for scanning electron microscopyElectron Microscopy, AdministrationKaren Kelley, Anna-Lisa Paul
2019A defective release of host defense peptides is present in canine atopic skinElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2017Physiological, molecular and ultrastructural analyses during ripening and over?ripening of banana (Musa spp., AAA group, Cavendish sub?group) fruit suggest characteristics of programmed cell deathElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2019Hierarchical self-assembly and emergent function of densely glycosylated peptide nanofibersElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2014Akashiwo sanguinea (Dinophyceae) extruding mucous from pores on the cell surfaceElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2017A Dimorphic and Virulence-Enhancing Endosymbiont Bacterium Discovered in Rhizoctonia solaniElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2015Reduced Infectivity in Cattle for an Outer Membrane Protein Mutant of Anaplasma marginaleElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2020Characterization of a novel picornavirus isolated from moribund aquacultured clownfishElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2020Isolation, Characterization, and Complete Genome Sequence of a Bradyrhizobium Strain Lb8 From Nodules of Peanut Utilizing Crack Entry InfectionElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2015Carp Edema Virus Disease (CEVD) / Koi Sleepy Disease (KSD)1Electron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2013Megalocytivirus infection in orbiculate batfish Platax orbicularisElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2013Immunohistochemical Detection of a Unique Protein within Cells of Snakes Having Inclusion Body Disease, a World-Wide Disease Seen in Members of the Families Boidae and PythonidaeElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2013Transgenerational Transmission of the Glossina pallidipes Hytrosavirus Depends on the Presence of a Functional SymbiomeElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2016Megalocytivirus infection in cultured Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticusElectron MicroscopyKaren Kelley
2016Characterizing AAV CaptureSelect Affinity Ligand InteractionsElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2014Adeno-associated virus serotypes 1 and 5 – antibody complex structures reveal evolutionary commonalities in parvovirus antigenic reactivityElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2016Structural Rearrangements in R432A Variant of AAV2 Affect Genome PackagingElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2020Structural Characterization of Cuta- and Tusavirus: Insight into Protoparvoviruses Capsid MorphologyElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2020Characterization of AAV-Specific Affinity Ligands: Consequences for Vector Purification and Development StrategiesElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2018Structural Characterization of Emerging Pathogenic Human ParvovirusesElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2016Microbatch Mixing: “Shaken not Stirred”, a Method for Macromolecular Microcrystal Production for Serial CrystallographyElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2020Molecular biology and structure of a novel penaeid shrimp densovirus elucidate convergent parvoviral host capsid evolutionElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2013Membrane curvature in flavivirusesElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2018High-Resolution Structural Characterization of a New Adeno-associated Virus Serotype 5 Antibody Epitope toward Engineering Antibody-Resistant Recombinant Gene Delivery VectorsElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2017Atomic Resolution Structure of the Oncolytic Parvovirus LuIII by Electron Microscopy and 3D Image ReconstructionElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2020Structural characterization of a bat Adeno-associated virus capsidElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2018AAV6 K531 serves a dual function in selective receptor and antibody ADK6 recognitionElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2015Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 1 (AAV1)- and AAV5-Antibody Complex Structures Reveal Evolutionary Commonalities in Parvovirus Antigenic ReactivityElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2017Atomic Resolution Structures of Human Bufaviruses Determined by Cryo-Electron MicroscopyElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2018High resolution structural characterization of a new AAV5 antibody epitope toward engineering antibody resistant recombinant gene delivery vectorsElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2018Atomic structure of a rationally engineered gene delivery vector, AAV2.5Electron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2020Comparative Analysis of the Capsid Structures of AAVrh.10, AAVrh.39, and AAV8Electron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2016Cryo-electron Microscopy Reconstruction and Stability Studies of the Wild Type and the R432A Variant of Adeno-associated Virus Type 2 Reveal that Capsid Structural Stability Is a Major Factor in Genome PackagingElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2017Structural Insights into Human BocaparvovirusesElectron MicroscopyPaul Chipman
2021Cytotoxic and chemosensitizing effects of glycoalkaloidic extract on 2D and 3D models using RT4 and patient derived xenografts bladder cancer cellsCytometryMariza Miranda
2019Characterization and printability of Sodium alginate -Gelatin hydrogel for bioprinting NSCLC co-cultureCytometryMariza Miranda
2019A New Ball for an Old Trick: Paramagnetic Cell Sorting of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Adipose TissueCytometryAndria Doty
2020Novel CD33 antibodies unravel localization, biology and therapeutic implications of CD33 isoformsCytometryAndria Doty
2013In vitro studies on the role of seminal plasma proteins on the interaction between polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMNs) and spermatozoa in the horseCytometryAndria Doty
2019Dopamine transporter is dysregulated on the peripheral immune cells of drug naïve Parkinson's Disease patientsCytometryAndria Doty
2016Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling involves in the human intestinal ILC3/ILC1 conversion in the inflamed terminal ileum of Crohn’s disease patientsCytometryAndria Doty
2017Increased Mucosal IL-22 Production of an IL-10RA Mutation Patient Following Anakinra Treatment Suggests Further Mechanism for Mucosal HealingCytometryAndria Doty
2020A novel approach to study markers of dopamine signaling in peripheral immune cellsCytometryAndria Doty
2016The differential frequency of Lineage?CRTH2?CD45+NKp44?CD117?CD127+ILC subset in the inflamed terminal ileum of patients with Crohn’s diseaseCytometryAndria Doty
2018Quantitative assessment of intestinal stiffness and associations with fibrosis in human inflammatory bowel diseaseCytometryAndria Doty
2019The Proteome of Pancreatic Cancer?Derived Exosomes Reveals Signatures Rich in Key Signaling PathwaysProteomics & Mass SpectrometryFanchao Zhu
2017Redox regulation of a guard cell SNF1-related protein kinase in Brassica napus, an oilseed cropProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Hepatic proteome network data in zebrafish (Danio rerio) liver following dieldrin exposureProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2016Genome-wide identification and homeolog-specific expression analysis of the SnRK2 genes in Brassica napus guard cellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh, Sixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2018Metabolomics of Early Stage Plant Cell–Microbe Interaction Using Stable Isotope LabelingProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh, Sixue Chen
2019Hepatic proteome network data in zebrafish (Danio rerio) liver following dieldrin exposureProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2018CD117+ Exosomes and Mast Cells From Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia Patients Reveal Unique Phosphorylation, Lipidomics, and Proteomics Profiles: Category Award (Small Intestine): Presidential Poster AwardProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2017Uncovering stem cell differentiation factors for salivary gland regeneration by quantitative analysis of differential proteomesProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2020Diversity in A? deposit morphology and secondary proteome insolubility across models of Alzheimer-type amyloidosisProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh, Fanchao Zhu
2019Label-free and iTRAQ proteomics analysis in the liver of zebrafish (Danio rerio) following dietary exposure to the organochlorine pesticide dieldrinProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2017Remodeling of the Streptococcus mutans proteome in response to LrgAB and external stressesProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2018Follicular fluid exosomes act on the bovine oocyte to improve oocyte competence to support development and survival to heat shockProteomics & Mass SpectrometryJin Koh
2015Spaceflight Induces Specific Alterations in the Proteomes of ArabidopsisProteomics & Mass Spectrometry, AdministrationJin Koh, Anna-Lisa Paul
2020Untargeted Metabolomics of Arabidopsis Stomatal ImmunityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Secretome Analysis of Inductive Signals for BM-MSC Transdifferentiation into Salivary Gland ProgenitorsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2020Proteomics data of SNF1-related protein kinase 2.4 interacting proteins revealed by immunoprecipitation-mass spectrometryProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2020Identification of proteins associated with two diverse Caulobacter phicbkvirus particlesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Fanchao Zhu, Ran Zheng
2016Polyploidy and the proteome Proteins and proteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013INPPO Actions and Recognition as a Driving Force for Progress in Plant Proteomics: Change of Guard, INPPO Update, and Upcoming ActivitiesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Quantitative proteomics of vitreous humor to identify potential markers involved in the induction of posterior vitreous detachmentProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2020Glucosinolate Biosynthesis and the Glucosinolate–Myrosinase System in Plant DefenseProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Abstract 20511: Unexpected Enrichment of Cardiac Myosin Light Chain Kinase at the Z-Disc and Interaction to Alpha-Actinin-2Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Multi-Omics Revealed Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Guard Cell Systemic Acquired ResistanceProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020The Effect of Sonication on Plant Stomatal MovementProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2021Combined ultraviolet and darkness regulation of medicinal metabolites in Mahonia bealei revealed by proteomics and metabolomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2021Comparative proteomics of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum guard cells and mesophyll cells in transition from C3 to CAMProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Molecular cloning and characterization of a rat sarcoma-like protein from brain (Rab) gene in sugar beet monosomic additional line M14Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Leaves Subjected to Mechanical WoundingProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Molecular changes in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum guard cells underlying the C3 to CAM transitionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016Erratum for Fu et al., Ubiquitin-Like Proteasome System Represents a Eukaryotic-Like Pathway for Targeted Proteolysis in ArchaeaProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Proteomics and phosphoproteomics revealed molecular networks of stomatal immune responsesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Proteomics dataset containing proteins that obscure identification of TOPLESS interactors in ArabidopsisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Jasmonate induced alternative splicing responses in ArabidopsisProteomics & Mass Spectrometry, BioinformaticsSixue Chen, Jin Koh, W. Brad Barbazuk
2016Plant Response to Bacterial Pathogens: A Proteomics ViewProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Carbohydrate, glutathione, and polyamine metabolism are central to Aspergillus flavus oxidative stress responses over timeProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Environment-Living Organism’s Interactions from Physiology to GenomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Redox proteomics of stomatal immunity reveals role of a lipid transfer protein in plant defenseProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Fanchao Zhu
2014Understanding Information Processes at the Proteomics LevelProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Thiol-based Redox Proteins in Brassica napus Guard Cell Abscisic Acid and Methyl Jasmonate SignalingProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2017Membrane Proteomics of Arabidopsis Glucosinolate Mutants cyp79B2/B3 and myb28/29Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2013Two Pdk1 phosphorylation sites on the plant cell death suppressor Adi3 contribute to substrate phosphorylationProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016Editorial: Plant Single Cell Type Systems BiologyProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Na2CO3-responsive Photosynthetic and ROS Scavenging Mechanisms in Chloroplasts of Alkaligrass Revealed by PhosphoproteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Molecular changes in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum guard cells underlying the C3 to CAM transitionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Effects of overexpression of jasmonic acid biosynthesis genes on nicotine accumulation in tobaccoProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Characterization of thiol?based redox modifications of Brassica napusSNF1?related protein kinase 2.6?2CProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2015Cytological and proteomic analyses of horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) spore germinationProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015HIV-Enhancing Factors Are Secreted by Reproductive Epithelia upon Inoculation with Bacterial Vaginosis-Associated BacteriaProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Targeted Metabolomics of Plant Hormones and Redox Metabolites in Stomatal ImmunityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016CUB domain-containing protein 1 and the epidermal growth factor receptor cooperate to induce cell detachmentProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Distinct patterns of the histone marks associated with recruitment of the methionine chain-elongation pathway from leucine biosynthesis Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016Metabolomic Responses of Arabidopsis Suspension Cells to Bicarbonate under Light and Dark ConditionsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Resetting the course of drug development: stem cell banking in support of drug discoveryAdministrationSteve Madore
2017Identification of MAPK Substrates Using Quantitative PhosphoproteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2013GENE EXPRESSION IN SPACE BIOLOGYAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Quantitative proteomics reveals an important role of GsCBRLK in salt stress response of soybeanProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2013Advanced Colloids Experiment (ACE) Science OverviewAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Differential metabolomic responses of PAMP-triggered immunity and effector-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis suspension cellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2016APEX-04 SpaceX-10AdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019The guard cell ionome: Understanding the role of ions in guard cell functionsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016Effects of Applying Hydrogen Peroxide on Phosphorus Uptake and Adhase Activity of Flooded Snap Bean RootsAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2018Stomata Tape-Peel: An Improved Method for Guard Cell Sample PreparationProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Data for characterization of SALK_084889, a T-DNA insertion line of Arabidopsis thalianaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2014Identification of Regulatory Factors for Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Salivary Epithelial Cells in a Co-Culture SystemProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2017Spectral Imaging within EDEN ISS for Plant Health and Productivity AssessmentAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2013Proteomic comparison of basal endosperm in maize miniature1 mutant and its wild-type Mn1Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2018A Member of the CONSTANS-Like Protein Family is a Putative Regulator of ROS Homeostasis and Spaceflight Physiological AdaptationAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2016Proteomic Analysis Reveals the Leaf Color Regulation Mechanism in Chimera Hosta “Gold Standard” LeavesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Plants as Part of the Deep Space Exploration SchemaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Metabolite signatures of grasspea suspension-cultured cells illustrate the complexity of dehydration responseProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Dispersal of Human-Commensals at the Haughton Mars Project (HMP) Arctic Field-Site: Implications for the Forward Contamination Around Human Habitats on MarsAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Proteomic characterization of MPK4 signaling network and putative substratesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Phenotypic characterization of an Arabidopsis T-DNA insertion line SALK_063500AdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Adaptive Engineering of Phytochelatin-based Heavy Metal ToleranceProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Modelling Leaf Temperatures during Parabolic FlightsAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019UBASH3A Regulates the Synthesis and Dynamics of TCR–CD3 ComplexesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Approaches for Surveying Cosmic Radiation Damage in Large Populations of Arabidopsis thaliana Seeds–Antarctic Balloons and Particle BeamsAdministration, BioinformaticsAnna-Lisa Paul, W. Brad Barbazuk
2019Heat-Responsive Proteomics of a Heat-Sensitive Spinach VarietyProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020NDVI Imaging within Space Exploration Plant Growth Modules–A Case Study from EDEN ISS AntarcticaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2014A comparative glycoproteome study of developing endosperm in the hexose-deficient miniature1 (mn1) seed mutant and its wild type Mn1 in maizeProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Flexible imaging payload for real-time fluorescent biological imaging in parabolic, suborbital and space analog environmentsAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2018A Robust Methodology for Assessing Differential Homeolog Contributions to the Transcriptomes of AllopolyploidsProteomics & Mass Spectrometry, BioinformaticsSixue Chen, Jin Koh, W. Brad Barbazuk
2019A member of the CONSTANS-like protein family is a putative regulator of reactive oxygen species homeostasis and spaceflight physiological adaptationAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2016Regulation of BZR1 in fruit ripening revealed by iTRAQ proteomics analysisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2013Multispectral plant health imaging system for space biology and hypobaric plant growth studiesAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Dihydroxyacid dehydratase is important for gametophyte development and disruption causes increased susceptibility to salinity stress in ArabidopsisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Root Skewing-Associated Genes Impact the Spaceflight Response of Arabidopsis thalianaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2018Quantitative proteomics reveals a role of JAZ7 in plant defense response to Pseudomonas syringae DC3000Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Enabling the Spaceflight Methylome: DNA Isolated from Plant Tissues Preserved in RNAlater® Is Suitable for Bisulfite PCR Assay of Genome MethylationAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Cardiac MLC2 kinase is localized to the Z-disc and interacts with ?-actinin2Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2016Root growth patterns and morphometric change based on the growth mediaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2020Hydrotropism in the primary roots of maizeProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Comparing RNA?Seq and microarray gene expression data in two zones of the Arabidopsis root apex relevant to spaceflightAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2013Integrated Proteomics and Metabolomics of Arabidopsis Acclimation to Gene-Dosage Dependent Perturbation of Isopropylmalate DehydrogenasesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2019The plant health monitoring system of the EDEN ISS space greenhouse in Antarctica during the 2018 experiment phaseAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Negative Regulation of Age-Related Developmental Leaf Senescence by the IAOx Pathway, PEN1, and PEN3Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Arabidopsis thaliana for spaceflight applications–preparing dormant biology for passive stowage and on orbit activationAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Genome-wide identification and homeolog-specific expression analysis of the SnRK2 genes in Brassica napus guard cellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2019HSFA2 functions in the physiological adaptation of undifferentiated plant cells to spaceflightAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Overexpression of a S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase from Sugar Beet M14 Increased Araidopsis Salt ToleranceProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Deployment of a fully-automated green fluorescent protein imaging system in a high arctic autonomous greenhouseAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2013C4 photosynthetic machinery: insights from maize chloroplast proteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Mapping by VESGEN of leaf venation patterning in Arabidopsis with bioinformatic dimensions of gene expressionAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019Metabolomics of red?light?induced stomatal opening in Arabidopsis thaliana: Coupling with abscisic acid and jasmonic acid metabolismProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017ARG1 functions in the physiological adaptation of undifferentiated plant cells to spaceflightAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2020Physiological Changes in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum During the C3 to CAM Transition Induced by Salt StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Epigenomics in an extraterrestrial environment: organ-specific alteration of DNA methylation and gene expression elicited by spaceflight in Arabidopsis thalianaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2015Oxidation and phosphorylation of MAP kinase 4 cause protein aggregationProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Spaceflight exploration in plant gravitational biologyAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2016Proteome targets of ubiquitin?like samp1ylation are associated with sulfur metabolism and oxidative stress in Haloferax volcaniiProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Utilization of single?image normalized difference vegetation index (SI?NDVI) for early plant stress detectionAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2017Multiplex quantitative SILAC for analysis of archaeal proteomes: a case study of oxidative stress responsesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2015Phosphomimetic mutation of a conserved serine residue in Arabidopsis thaliana 14-3-3? suggests a regulatory role of phosphorylation in dimerization and target interactionsAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2018A Phosphorylation Switch on Lon Protease Regulates Bacterial Type III Secretion System in HostProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Skewing in Arabidopsis roots involves disparate environmental signaling pathwaysAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2014Proteomics profiling of fiber development and domestication in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2017Genetic dissection of the Arabidopsis spaceflight transcriptome: Are some responses dispensable for the physiological adaptation of plants to spaceflight?AdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2016Proteomic Insight into the Response of Arabidopsis Chloroplasts to DarknessProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2016The effect of spaceflight on the gravity-sensing auxin gradient of roots: GFP reporter gene microscopy on orbitAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2014Molecular Reprogramming of Arabidopsis in Response to Perturbation of Jasmonate SignalingProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2013Fundamental plant biology enabled by the space shuttleAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2019MPK4 Phosphorylation Dynamics and Interacting Proteins in Plant ImmunityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Spaceflight engages heat shock protein and other molecular chaperone genes in tissue culture cells of Arabidopsis thalianaAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2017An Erwinia amylovora yjeK mutant exhibits reduced virulence, increased chemical sensitivity and numerous environmentally dependent proteomic alterationsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Organ-specific remodeling of the Arabidopsis transcriptome in response to spaceflightAdministrationAnna-Lisa Paul
2016Preparation of Epidermal Peels and Guard Cell Protoplasts for Cellular, Electrophysiological, and -Omics Assays of Guard Cell FunctionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Uterine infusion of bacteria alters the transcriptome of bovine oocytesBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2017Redox regulation of a guard cell SNF1-related protein kinase in Brassica napus, an oilseed cropProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Dissemination Mechanisms of New Delhi Metallo-?-lactamase Genes in Hospitalized PatientsBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2019The C-terminal WD40 repeats on the TOPLESS co-repressor function as a protein–protein interaction surfaceProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015HPV Population Profiling in Healthy Men by Next-Generation Deep Sequencing Coupled with HPV-QUESTBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2016New nodes and edges in the glucosinolate molecular network revealed by proteomics and metabolomics of Arabidopsis myb28/29 and cyp79B2/B3 glucosinolate mutantsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2014Correlation of gene expression and contaminant concentrations in wild largescale suckers: A field-based studyBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2015Salt stress response of membrane proteome of sugar beet monosomic addition line M14Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2013An EST database of the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae)BioinformaticsFahong Yu
2016Critical Role of COI1-Dependent Jasmonate Pathway in AAL toxin induced PCD in Tomato Revealed by Comparative ProteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2017Identification of Gene Candidates Associated with Huanglongbing Tolerance, Using ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ Flagellin 22 as a Proxy to Challenge CitrusBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2017Hydrogen Peroxide Response in Leaves of Poplar (Populus simonii × Populus nigra) Revealed from Physiological and Proteomic AnalysesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018The Effect of Permethrin Resistance on Aedes aegypti Transcriptome Following Ingestion of Zika Virus Infected BloodBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2019Directions for research and training in plant omics: Big Questions and Big DataProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Uterine infection alters the transcriptome of the bovine reproductive tract three months laterBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2013Pilot Study Using Proteomics to Identify Predictive Biomarkers of Necrotizing Enterocolitis from Buccal Swabs in Very Low Birth Weight InfantsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2020Mice lacking uterine enhancer of zeste homolog 2 have transcriptomic changes associated with uterine epithelial proliferationBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2020S-Nitroso-Proteome Revealed in Stomatal Guard Cell Response to Flg22Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Responses of the Housefly, Musca domestica, to the Hytrosavirus Replication: Impacts on Host's Vitellogenesis and ImmunityBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2016Identification of thioredoxin targets in guard cell enriched epidermal peels using cysTMT proteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2016Draft genome sequence of Fusicladium effusum, cause of pecan scabBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2016Protein Phosphorylation and Redox Modification in Stomatal Guard CellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Type I interferon and interferon?stimulated gene expression in oral epithelial cellsBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2017Bicarbonate Induced Redox Proteome Changes in Arabidopsis Suspension CellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2017Reprogramming of a defense signaling pathway in rough lemon and sweet orange is a critical element of the early response to ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’BioinformaticsFahong Yu
2015Phosphoproteomics technologies and applications in plant biology researchProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013Comparative genomic and transcriptome analyses of pathotypes of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri provide insights into mechanisms of bacterial virulence and host rangeBioinformaticsFahong Yu
2015Fern spore germination in response to environmental factorsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015SMRT Sequencing of Long Tandem Nucleotide Repeats in SCA10 Reveals Unique Insight of Repeat Expansion StructureBioinformaticsFahong Yu
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2017GSR is not essential for the maintenance of antioxidant defenses in mouse cochlea: Possible role of the thioredoxin system as a functional backup for GSRBioinformaticsTongjun Gu
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2017Modification of the Streptococcus mutans transcriptome by LrgAB and environmental stressorsBioinformaticsTongjun Gu
2016Ubiquitin-Like Proteasome System Represents a Eukaryotic-Like Pathway for Targeted Proteolysis in ArchaeaProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Dicer cleaves 5?-extended microRNA precursors originating from RNA polymerase II transcription start sitesBioinformaticsTongjun Gu
2015Advances in understanding CO2 responsive plant metabolomes in the era of climate changeProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Sex-specific airway hyperreactivity and sex-specific transcriptome remodeling in neonatal piglets challenged with intra-airway acidBioinformaticsTongjun Gu
2016PARylation of the forkhead?associated domain protein DAWDLE regulates plant immunityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2014Information Processing at the Cellular Level: Beyond the DogmaBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2015Redox proteomics of tomato in response to Pseudomonas syringae infectionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2015The murine Pbx1-d lupus susceptibility allele accelerates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and impairs their immunosuppressive function (BA4P. 143)BioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2018Deciphering drought?induced metabolic responses and regulation in developing maize kernelsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Gene-Expression Novelty in Allopolyploid Cotton: A Proteomic PerspectiveProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Jin Koh
2016Identification of Idd22 Candidate Genes Using a Bioinformatics ApproachBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2020Plant Chloroplast Stress Response: Insights from Thiol Redox ProteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Patterns of ArabidopsisBioinformatics, AdministrationAlberto Riva, Anna-Lisa Paul
2015Metabolomic Responses of Guard Cells and Mesophyll Cells to BicarbonateProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Data Fusion Approach for Learning Transcriptional Bayesian NetworksBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2017Metabolomics and Proteomics of Brassica napus Guard Cells in Response to Low CO2Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2018DAMON: an open source framework for reliable and reproducible analysis pipelinesBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2013Quantitative proteomics of tomato defense against Pseudomonas syringae infectionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2017SIRT1 SNPs Associated with Bisphosphonate-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ).BioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2018Metabolomics of Early Stage Plant Cell–Microbe Interaction Using Stable Isotope LabelingProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Salinity-Induced Palmella Formation Mechanism in Halotolerant Algae Dunaliella salina Revealed by Quantitative Proteomics and PhosphoproteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Comparative proteomics and metabolomics of JAZ7-mediated drought tolerance in ArabidopsisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019NetZen: A comprehensive network-based pathway and target discovery platformBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2019NaCl-responsive ROS scavenging and energy supply in alkaligrass callus revealed from proteomic analysisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Splicing repressor HNRNPC is an indispensable and'druggable'target in acute myeloid leukemiaBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2013Proteomic Analysis of Salt Tolerance in Sugar Beet Monosomic Addition Line M14Proteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2019A Gain of Function Mutation in the NSD2 Histone Methyltransferase Drives Glucocorticoid Resistance Via Blocking Receptor Auto-Induction and BIM/Bmf Expression in ALLBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2015Protein–protein interactions in plant mitogen-activated protein kinase cascadesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
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2016Polyploidy and the proteomeProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Patterns of Arabidopsis gene expression in the face of hypobaric stressBioinformatics, AdministrationAlberto Riva, Anna-Lisa Paul
2020Bisphenol A and bisphenol S disruptions of the mouse placenta and potential effects on the placenta–brain axisProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2019DNMT3A with Leukemia-Associated Mutations Directs Sensitivity to DNA Damage at Replication ForksBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2014Thiol?based redox proteins in abscisic acid and methyl jasmonate signaling in Brassica napus guard cellsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2018Mechanism sharing between genetic and gestational hypoxia-induced cardiac anomaliesBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2020Seaweed natural products modify the host inflammatory response via Nrf2 signaling and alter colon microbiota composition and gene expressionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Fanchao Zhu
2020Clinical Utility of Pharmacogene Panel?Based Testing in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary InterventionBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
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2013Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Puccinellia tenuiflora Leaves under Na2CO3 StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Genome-wide prioritization and transcriptomics reveal novel signatures associated with thiazide diuretics blood pressure responseBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2019Chemodiversity of the Glucosinolate-Myrosinase System at the Single Cell Type ResolutionProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017Dissecting low atmospheric pressure stress: transcriptome responses to the components of hypobaria in ArabidopsisBioinformatics, AdministrationAlberto Riva, Anna-Lisa Paul
2013Proteomic insights into seed germination in response to environmental factorsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019A mutation in histone H2B represents a new class of oncogenic driverBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2019Advances in Understanding the Physiological and Molecular Responses of Sugar Beet to Salt StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Influence of the Prader-Willi syndrome imprinting center on the DNA methylation landscape in the mouse brainBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2018Proteomic discovery of H2O2 response in roots and functional characterization of PutGLP gene from alkaligrassProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2013PASTA: splice junction identification from RNA-Sequencing dataBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2017Overexpression of S-Adenosyl-l-Methionine Synthetase 2 from Sugar Beet M14 Increased Arabidopsis Tolerance to Salt and Oxidative StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018SIRT1/HERC4 Locus Associated With Bisphosphonate?Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: An Exome?Wide Association AnalysisBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2014Modulation of RNA Polymerase II Phosphorylation Downstream of Pathogen Perception Orchestrates Plant ImmunityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015BigQ: a NoSQL based framework to handle genomic variants in i2b2BioinformaticsAlberto Riva
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2017DNA methylation of synaptic genes in the prefrontal cortex is associated with aging and age-related cognitive impairmentBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2016Na2CO3-responsive mechanisms in halophyte Puccinellia tenuiflora roots revealed by physiological and proteomic analysesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2014Multiplex mapping of chromatin accessibility and DNA methylation within targeted single molecules identifies epigenetic heterogeneity in neural stem cells and glioblastomaBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2014Protein phosphorylation in stomatal movementProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2017UTX/KDM6A loss enhances the malignant phenotype of multiple myeloma and sensitizes cells to EZH2 inhibitionBioinformaticsAlberto Riva
2017Salinity Response in Chloroplasts: Insights from Gene CharacterizationProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
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2014Delving Into the C-Fern Genome and Euphyllophyte EvolutionBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
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2015The guard cell metabolome: functions in stomatal movement and global food securityProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2018Transcriptome Analysis of Distinct Cold Tolerance Strategies in the Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2019Physiological and comparative proteomic analyses of saline-alkali NaHCO3-responses in leaves of halophyte Puccinellia tenuifloraProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2018Expression Genome-Wide Association Study (eGWAS) to Uncover Regulators of the Transcriptome and Whole-Plant PhenotypesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2015Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Brassica napus in Response to Drought StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu, Jin Koh
2018Draft Tragopogon dubius (Asteraceae) Genome Assembly using Linked-Read Sequencing and a Survey of Alternative SplicingBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2014Recent advances and challenges in plant phosphoproteomicsProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Recycling Data to Enable Investigation of Alternative Splicing across the Plant KingdomBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2016Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Soybean Leaves and Roots by iTRAQ Provides Insights into Response Mechanisms to Short-Term Salt StressProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Using Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies to Fund the de novo Sequencing, Assembly, and Open Access Publishing of the Cannabis sativa L. GenomeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Proteomics and Phosphoproteomics of Heat Stress-Responsive Mechanisms in SpinachProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Streamlining DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis Using Software ContainersBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk, Tongjun Gu, Alberto Riva, Fahong Yu
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2020miTAR: a hybrid deep learning-based approach for predicting miRNA targetsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk, Tongjun Gu
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2015Gold Nanoparticle-Enabled Blood Test for Early Stage Cancer Detection and Risk AssessmentProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen, Ning Zhu
2014Genome sequencingBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Ectopic expression of a BZR1?1D transcription factor in brassinosteroid signalling enhances carotenoid accumulation and fruit quality attributes in tomatoProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2015Rice Nucleic Acid Molecules and Other Molecules Associated with Plants and Uses Thereof for Plant ImprovementBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
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2021Spiny mouse (Acomys): an emerging research organism for regenerative medicine with applications beyond the skinBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
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2019Computational analysis of alternative splicing in plant genomesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Bifurcation of Arabidopsis NLR Immune Signaling via Ca2+-Dependent Protein KinasesProteomics & Mass SpectrometrySixue Chen
2019Deep expression analysis reveals distinct cold-response strategies in rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Complete Genome Sequence of Carnobacterium gilichinskyi Strain WN1359T (DSM 27470T)NextGen DNA SequencingNedka Panayotova
2013Primers for low?copy nuclear genes in the Hawaiian endemic Clermontia (Campanulaceae) and cross?amplification in LobelioideaeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Complete Genome Sequence of Serratia liquefaciens Strain ATCC 27592NextGen DNA SequencingNedka Panayotova
2019Spaceflight-induced alternative splicing during seedling development in Arabidopsis thalianaBioinformatics, AdministrationW. Brad Barbazuk, Anna-Lisa Paul
2013Library Construction for Genome-wide Bisulfite Sequencing in PlantsNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2019Targeted amplicon sequencing of 40 nuclear genes supports a single introduction and rapid radiation of Hawaiian Metrosideros (Myrtaceae)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Direct Sequencing of Linear DNA on PacBio RS Without Library PreparationNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador, Xiao H. Zhou
2014Rice nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improvementBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018S?Succinylcysteine Breakdown – How Bacillus subtilis Utilizes an Inevitable Product of Metabolite DamageNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2014Primers for low?copy nuclear genes in Metrosideros and cross?amplification in MyrtaceaeBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Modified Library Construction Method for 3-5kb Illumina Mate-pair LibrariesNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador, Nedka Panayotova, Xiao H. Zhou
2018Cryptocurrencies and Zero Mode Wave guides: An unclouded path to a more contiguous Cannabis sativa L. genome assembly.BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Combining epiGBS markers with long read transcriptome sequencing to assess differentiation associated with habitat in Reynoutria (aka Fallopia)NextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2019Comparative transcriptomic analysis of dermal wound healing reveals de novo skeletal muscle regeneration in Acomys cahirinusBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Brain tissue transcriptomic analysis of SIV-infected macaques identifies Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs) as potential biomarkers for neuropathogenesisBioinformaticsDavid Moraga Amador, Alberto Riva
2020Sequence and annotation of 42 cannabis genomes reveals extensive copy number variation in cannabinoid synthesis and pathogen resistance genesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Enabling the Spaceflight Methylome: DNA Isolated from Plant Tissues Preserved in RNAlater® Is Suitable for Bisulfite PCR Assay of Genome MethylationNextGen DNA Sequencing, AdministrationDavid Moraga Amador, Anna-Lisa Paul
2019RNA Binding Motif Protein 48 is required for U12 splicing and maize endosperm differentiationBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013Custom microarray construction and analysis for determining potential biomarkers of subchronic androgen exposure in the Eastern Mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)NextGen DNA Sequencing, BioinformaticsDavid Moraga Amador, Fahong Yu
2014Adaptive expansion of the maize maternally expressed gene (Meg) family involves changes in expression patterns and protein secondary structures of its membersBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Gene expression profile and molecular pathway datasets resulting from benzo(a)pyrene exposure in the liver and testis of adult tilapiaNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2019The C-Fern (Ceratopteris richardii) genome: insights into plant genome evolution with the first partial homosporous fern genome assemblyBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Tissue-Based Mapping of the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas) Transcriptome and ProteomeNextGen DNA Sequencing, BioinformaticsDavid Moraga Amador, Fahong Yu
2017Identification and analysis of alternative splicing events in Phaseolus vulgaris and Glycine maxBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2019Endohyphal bacteria associated with virulence, increased expression of fumonisin biosynthetic genes, and production of fumonisin and macroconidia in Fusarium fujikuroi W343NextGen DNA Sequencing, Electron MicroscopyDavid Moraga Amador, Karen Kelley
2017Evolution of the 3R-MYB gene family in plantsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2020Investigating the gene expression profiles of rehabilitated Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) following red tide exposureNextGen DNA Sequencing, BioinformaticsDavid Moraga Amador, Fahong Yu
2017Population genomics of the eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides)BioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Identification of a metabolic disposal route for the oncometabolite S-(2-succino)cysteine in Bacillus subtilisNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2013Inside arbuscular mycorrhizal roots–molecular probes to understand the symbiosisBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2018Transcriptome analysis reveals novel insights into the response of low-dose benzo(a)pyrene exposure in male tilapiaNextGen DNA SequencingDavid Moraga Amador
2014Caffeine exposure alters cardiac gene expression in embryonic cardiomyocytesBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2013The Arabidopsis Elongator Complex Subunit2 Epigenetically Regulates Plant Immune ResponsesGene Expression & Genotyping, Bioinformatics, NextGen DNA SequencingYanping Zhang, David Moraga Amador, Fahong Yu
2017Evolutionarily conserved alternative splicing across monocotsBioinformaticsW. Brad Barbazuk
2017A lectin receptor kinase as a potential sensor for extracellular nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in Arabidopsis thalianaGene Expression & GenotypingYanping Zhang

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