Important Information for ICBR Staff

As always, check the UF dedicated site for campus-wide information and initiatives.


[Updated: May 28th, 2:00pm]

    • ICBR leadership continually monitors the guidelines being set by the University on our ability to provide biotechnology support to the UF research community.
    • However, there are many factors that may impact our ability to accommodate all service requests, or complete work on submitted samples as quickly as we would like. Many thanks in advance for your understanding of the situation, your patience, and for your cooperation in the added constraints we have imposed on sample drop-off, self-service and training.
    • Please do not hesitate to reach out to us ( or to individual Cores, with any questions.

Current Policies and Procedures Below:

Schedules and Personnel

    • ICBR will be open Monday through Friday to work, accept samples, and engage in customer service – Friday is no longer a work from home day for all.
    • Although ICBR will be open every day, we will still strive to limit personnel on campus on any given day to about 75% of normal, so most of you will still have some “work from home” hours each week. You will each continue to work with your Core Directors for specific scheduling as appropriate to each Core. If it turns out that we are receiving more work than we can collectively handle at this density of personnel, we will revisit strategies.
    • All employees working from home must complete and submit the Alternate Work Location Agreement (Abbreviated) before remote work can be initiated. Please have paperwork in place ASAP. For more information, visit:
    • Core Directors are expected to keep a calendar to track the schedule and location of their staff. This calendar will be provided to UF Research, and is due every Monday by 10am. We understand these are flexible. Try to work with the least amount of staffing on campus as possible while still maintaining core services.
    • If sick, ICBR employees can use vacation leave or leave without pay if they have no sick leave, but do not come in sick. If you have questions about your available leave please see Erica or Heather.

Strategies for Sample Receiving

    • The only change on this front is that we will likely be receiving more samples in the coming weeks, and ramp back to normal in the coming months.
    • We will continue to accept all sample submissions for in-house services in room 184; this reduces the number of people coming into our workspaces.
    • We will continue to use PPE and social distancing when interacting with customer drop-offs.
    • UF users will need to provide their UFID to enable access through the outer doors of the CGRC building. Users are expected to notify the appropriate Core Directors at least a day in advance.
    • We are no longer collecting GENEWIZ or Eurofins samples for the foreseeable future, please direct users to the company’s respective websites for other drop-off locations and shipping instructions.
    • Be mindful of internal alternatives for some services – if in the past you have called upon an external provider for some job, explore UF resources for comparable options.

Strategies for Customer Interactions

The biggest change will be accommodating self-service customers and training. Approaches will be very Core-specific, but all will need to follow these basic approaches:

    • All customers (and all ICBR personnel) are required to wear face coverings and observe 6’ social distancing wherever possible.
    • In situations where 6’ distancing is not feasible (such as during a training session on an instrument, etc.) plastic face shields will be used in addition to masks.
    • Only one representative from a research group is allowed on a self-service instrument at any one time.
    • Instrument use will be restricted, at the Core Directors discretion, to help maintain appropriate user and personnel density and distancing (e.g. avoiding the scheduling of adjacent instruments for same time slot, etc.)
    • The Core Director will work with their team, and with customers, to ensure efficient scheduling and compliance with these requirements.

Training and Self-Service

    • Training is currently suspended for all cores. This restriction also includes operations that require close one-on-one operations between customer and core personnel on the same instrument, such as staff assisted work.
    • Self-service for outside visitors (external users) is currently suspended in all cores.
    • Self-service users on the first floor of CGRC will be asked to wait inside room CGRC 184 until a representative from the appropriate lab arrives to walk them to their core.
    • Self-service will be limited to one user per machine

ICBR Emails and ICBR Listservs

    • ICBR staff is prohibited from emailing any COVID-related information to any of the ICBR listservs. If you feel the information is important and timely, please email Dr. Paul, Dr. Madore and Heather for approval. If approved, this information will be distributed by ICBR Administration.
    • Core Directors are allowed to email information to senior staff, but are encouraged to CC ICBR Administration on all COVID-related messaging.
    • Core Directors are responsible for communicating developments to their staff, and be mindful of the fact that UF messaging has been coming into ICBR Administration two-three times a day, so please check e-mail often.
    • Share any information impacting our peers, vendors or constituents with ICBR Administration.
    • Feel free to communicate delays, obstacles and other news directly to users. For challenges that affect core workflow or users on a much broader level, please contact ICBR Communications and we will upload this information to our dedicated page.

Zoom at ICBR

    • Customer consultations can be conducted by Zoom ( or by phone.
    • Zoom is a great tool for connecting with users and staff from anywhere, and should already be installed on all ICBR computers.
    • This software not only allows users the ability to video-chat, but the feature of sharing screens doesn’t require a web cam and can be helpful in guidance.

Final Thought

    • Again, many thanks for being great role models for the campus during these COVID challenges in the workplace. I am going to ask you all to continue in this, and even step up your games. Mask/face covering wear is extraordinarily important, but not everyone on campus (and especially visitors off campus) have fully embraced the concept. So please be sure to wear yours in public places, and if you see a visitor without one, please let them know in a friendly way that it is required, and that if they need one while they are here, they can pick one up at the front desk. I know that this goes without saying, but friendly and helpful will win over folks far better than confrontational, even if they are technically breaking UF rules.