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Become a Customer Enroll in CrossLab (iLab) to access UF | ICBR's services and instruments


Customers who wish to utilize UF | ICBR services must request a CrossLab (iLab) user account. This tool will provide a consistent, streamlined approach to requesting services, tracking samples and progress, managing invoices, and communicating with UF | ICBR. Please see below, supporting documents for navigating iLab. For additional support, please contact:

Internal Users

External Customers

iLab FAQs

What is CrossLab (iLab)?

CrossLab (iLab) Solutions is a provider of web-based management services designed to support research. ICBR uses the Core Facility Management system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core facility services enabling customers to request services, reserve equipment, track samples and progress, manage invoices, and communicate with core staff members.

Which browsers are supported?

Firefox is the preferred browser when using CrossLab (iLab). You may also use Safari or Chrome. Users may experience problems with some CrossLab (iLab) web pages depending on the version Internet Explorer.

What does it mean when I get ‘validation failure’ after entering my chartfield number string?

The system requires you to input the complete chartfield string. Your chart string should be entered using the following format: Dept-Fund-Program-Budget-Source of Funds-PC Business Unit-Project-Activity-CRIS-Flex-UFID. Example: 60180000-209-2100-CRRNT-G000070-GRANT-00163633-1—

How do I access the CrossLab (iLab) System and register for an account?

Internal UF/ICBR Customers: Go to to login. Under the section UF Customers, click here link to register using your Gatorlink credentials. Once logged in, set your time zone. You will land on your Homepage. Under core facilities, click on the list all cores link to access a list of cores at the University of Florida from which you may request services or reserve core facility equipment. External Non-UF/ICBR (Non-profit & Commercial) Customers: Go to to register for an CrossLab (iLab) account. Under the section Non-UF (Non-profit & Commercial) Customers, click the register. Complete the registration process. You will receive an email from CrossLab (iLab) (typically within one business day) with login credentials and basic instructions to get started using the CrossLab (iLab)system.

How do I submit a service request to a core?

Log into the CrossLab (iLab) system  Click on list all cores in the left menu. Navigate to the desired core by clicking on the core name. Click on the Request Services tab and click on the Request Service button next to the service of interest. Work through the request. You will be asked to complete a form and provide payment information for your request before submitting the request to the core. If you do not have any funds assigned, your PI/Lab Manager will need to assign you funds in the system. Your request will be pending review by the core. The core will add charges and may submit it back to you for approval.  Make sure to watch for an email from CrossLab (iLab) regarding your updated project.

How do I reserve core facility equipment for self-service use?

Log into the CrossLab (iLab) system Click on list all cores in the left menu. Navigate to the desired core by clicking on the core name. Click on the Schedule Equipment tab and click on the View Schedule button next to the equipment of interest. Click and drag on the time frame you would like your reservation for. You will be asked to complete a form and provide payment information for your request before submitting the request to the core. If you do not have any funds assigned, your PI/Lab Manager will need to assign you funds in the system. Your reservation may need to be approved by the core, you can confirm this by viewing your Home page by clicking the Home button on the upper left corner of CrossLab (iLab).

How to manage lab members?

Once you are logged into CrossLab (iLab), click on the my labs link in the left menu to view the Members tab under the lab page. Under the Lab-wide approval settings heading, the PI, Lab Manager, or Financial Administrator can set the amount up to which lab members can approve their own requests. Under the Lab members and settings heading, a list of all lab members is displayed. The PI or lab manager can edit each member’s membership, add members (if they have an existing account in CrossLab (iLab)) to your lab by clicking link existing user button or by clicking add new user button (if they have not registered with CrossLab (iLab)).

How to add funds and assign funds to lab members?

Click on the Membership Requests & PeopleSoft Projects Numbers tab under the lab page. Under the Manage PeopleSoft Project Numbersheading, click on the blue arrow next to Manually add a new Payment Method. This will open and provide a field where the PI or Lab manager can type in the chartfield string in the specified format. Click Add. The chartfield string will be added under the Manage PeopleSoft Project Numbers heading along with a list of the lab members. Check the box to the right of the lab member’s name to assign the chartfield. When the lab member requests services or schedules time on equipment, this chartfield may be selected to charge the service against.

Can I change/update the payment methods used for service requests or equipment reservations?

If you are the PI, Lab Manager, or Financial Administrator of the lab you can update the payment methods at any time before the request or reservation is completed by the core.

Who will receive invoices and what are the payment methods?

ICBR will send invoices to the PI or Financial Administrator (who helps manage lab memberships, fund assignments and spending approval). If you would like to designate a default primary contact to receive all lab related invoices and invoice communications, please follow these steps: Within CrossLab (iLab) go to the my labs menu option, which is located on the left hand side of the CrossLab (iLab) page. Hover over my labsand click on the lab name you want to update. Click on Group Settings. Next to the Lab Primary Contact setting, click on edit. From the list of available administrators, select the person you would like to designate as the default primary contact for invoices. Internal customers may pay by chartfield or credit card. External customers may pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer.

How do I contact the Core about a specific service request in CrossLab (iLab)?

To communicate with the core about a request, click on the View Requests link under the Core Facilities heading on the left side of the page. Then click on the All Requests tab on the right side of the page. Find the service request of interest and click on the comment icon on the right of the request line. An email interface will pop open. Choose the desired recipient or enter an additional email address, add a note and then click Send Message. This email will be tracked under the Comments section in the request.

Paying an invoice with a negative balance?

If the total cost of your invoice is a negative amount, please contact ICBR or (352) 273-8030.