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Seminar and Demonstration with Gator Bio BLI


Join Gator Bio BLI for this onsite presentation and product demonstration with UF | ICBR Monoclonal Antibody. More details to come. SEMINAR & DEMONSTRATION IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL Topics covered: Gator Bio Introduction Instrument and software technology overview Next-Gen biosensor and consumables kits Applications (Q, K, QKR, AAV, DNA/RNA, Bacterial, et al.)… more

Isoplexis and UF | ICBR Monoclonal Antibody Seminar


“Accelerating the Next Generation of Immune Medicine with Cellular Proteomics at the University of Florida” – Join our webinar to discuss IsoPlexis’ product suite capabilities and how functional phenotyping is addressing urgent challenges central to unlocking the next stage of personalized cancer immunotherapies and vaccines related to immunological mechanisms in infectious disease… more

FlowJo Software Training with UF | ICBR Cytometry


Join UF | ICBR Cytometry for this special two day training session for FlowJo software! Registration is free. In-person participants are limited to 75. A zoom link will be provided for those interested in attending virtually….. more

10x Genomics: Access the Full Richness of Biological Complexity with Single Cell and Spatial Multiomics


Join us for this informative seminar and learn how 10x technologies have been used by UF scientists and how our solutions have led to fundamental discoveries across multiple areas of biology, including cancer, immunology, and neuroscience…. more

National Metabolomics Workshop and Symposium


Metabolomics is a fast-growing area in modern biological and medical sciences. To keep up with the technological advancement and the frontier research, we are organized a virtual Metabolomics Workshop and Symposium on August 2 -3, 2021. This online workshop provided “hands-on” training… more

Real-time measurements of dynamic single-molecule interactions: from DNA-binding proteins to molecular motors


Biological processes emerge from mechanisms at the molecular scale. Traditionally, researchers have coupled the use of high-resolution imaging techniques (e.g. X-ray crystallography, cryoEM) with bulk … more