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Welcome to the UF ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing core facility. The ICBR-NGS core provides researchers with quality, massively parallel, high-throughput sequencing data using the most current instrumentation, at a reasonable cost. We currently support the most popular platforms: Illumina NextSeq500 and MiSeq, HiSeq3000 and the Pacific Biosciences SEQUEL system. Together, these instruments cover a broad range of powerful applications. Our free consultation services aim to help researchers navigate through the complex matrix of experimental options represented by the available sequencing technologies. Some of these important considerations include: read length, error rate, predominant type of error, data output/run, speed, cost, etc. The ever-broadening range of applications include (but are not limited to) de novo sequencing of whole genomes, targeted sequencing, transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) sequencing, methylation analysis and metagenomics.

Our sample prep and library construction services are offered through both the NGS and the GeneExpression/Genotyping Cores. Please contact us if the service of your interest is not listed. We strive to support most common applications.

ICBR NEXTGEN DNA Sequencing Services

Don't see the service you are looking for? Visit ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping for more options.

General Services

Library Construction Services

Sequencing Services

  • Project Consultation
  • Bioanalyzer, TapeStation
  • Qubit Assays
  • Assisted use of Covaris for sample fragmentation
  • Fragment Selection (ELF-based)
  • Sample/library clean-up
  • Load only sequencing instrument runs
  • Library pooling and pool quantitation
  • Illumina Standard DNA-Seq
  • Illumina PCR-free DNA-Seq
  • Illumina Whole Genome Bisulfite-converted WGBS)
  • Illumina Reduced Representation Bisulfite converted (RRBS)
  • Illumina Ultra-low input DNA-Seq
  • Illumina ATAC-seq
  • 10X Genomics linked-reads
  • 10X Genomics ATAC-Seq
  • PacBio Long-insert DNA-Seq for de novo assemblies
  • PacBio Barcoded bacterial DNA for multiplex sequencing
  • PacBio Barcoded amplicon-Seq (up to 10 Kb)
  • PacBio IsoSeq for transcriptome/isoform analysis
  • PacBio Full-length 16S metagenomics

    MiSeq Illumina Sequencing 

  • Request services for: Sequencing formats (2x300v3, 2x250v2, 2x150v2, 2x75v3, 1x300v2, 1x150v3, 1x50v2)

    NextSeq500 Illumina Sequencing 

  • Request services for: Sequencing formats (HIGH output: 2×150, 2×75, 1×150, 1×75. MID output: 2×150, 2×75, 1×150)

    HiSeq3000 Illumina Sequencing 

  • Request services for: Sequencing formats (2×100, 2×150, 2×75, 1×150, 1×50)

    PacBio SEQUEL Sequencing 

  • Sequencing formats (10-hour movies, 20-hour movies). LR v3 SMRT cells
  • Current chemistry (early 2019): v3. SMRT Link 6.0
  • Reads per SMRT cell run: 400k-600k reads

Please note that our library construction and sequencing services do not include data processing. Visit ICBR Bioinformatics to request Data Analysis services.

NextGen DNA Sequencing News

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Instrument Spotlight: PacBio Sequel
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David MoragaNextGen DNA Sequencing Scientific Director(352) 273-8053moraga@ufl.edu178J CGRC
Wayra Navia GineNextGen DNA Sequencing Core Research Specialist II(352) 273-8068wnavia@ufl.edu178 CGRC
Nedka PanayotovaNextGen DNA Sequencing Senior Biological Scientist(352) 273-8050nedpan@ufl.edu178 CGRC
Lydia Von BorstelNextGen DNA Sequencing Core Research Technician III(352) 273-8050lvonborstel@ufl.edu178 CGRC
Xiao Hui ZhouNextGen DNA Sequencing Core Research Technician II(352) 273-8050zxh@ufl.edu178 CGRC