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The Qubit 4 Fluorometer shares common features with the Qubit Flex model: It is accurate, specific, sensitive, simple, and fast; it requires as little as 1 µL of sample, even if highly diluted; it offers an onboard Reagent Calculator to help in preparing your working solution; it works with a broad range of Qubit Assays and applications; and it can measure raw fluorescence in Fluorometer mode.

In addition, data gathered in Fluorometer mode on the Qubit 4 Fluorometer can be used to design your own assay using the MyQubit assay design tool. This tool lets you create new assays for the Qubit Fluorometer in minutes. Simply enter your assay parameters into the online tool, and then save and upload the .qbt file to your Qubit Fluorometer using a USB drive.

Preconfigured MyQubit assays to quantify cholesterol, galactose, glucose, glutamic acid, peroxide, or sucrose are available. You can download these .qbt files to your computer and then upload them to your Qubit 4 Fluorometer using a USB drive. These are examples of the kinds of MyQubit assays you can create on your own.

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