Acknowledging ICBR

UF ICBR personnel are valued scientists; when they make a substantial contribution to a research study, it is encouraged to acknowledge them in the publication.

Proper acknowledgment of UF ICBR in publications and awards helps demonstrate our value as a core facility that drives research forward. We welcome collaboration and look forward to continued opportunities to enable biotechnology at UF and in the research community.

Acknowledgement copy for Each Core

If research supported by the ICBR results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publication(s):



Electron Microscopy

Gene Expression & Genotyping

NextGen DNA Sequencing

Monoclonal Antibody

Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry

“The data presented herein were obtained at the Cell & Tissue Analysis Core, which is a McKnight Brain Institute core research facility at the University of Florida. The facility is funded through user fees and the generous financial support of the McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Florida. We thank the Cell & Tissue Analysis Core at the McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida for the use of the [instrument name here], which provided [service].”

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I acknowledge UF ICBR Staff?

Authorship credit should be given if members of the UF ICBR staff have provided services or expertise that is critical to a manuscript. Although other circumstances may warrant authorship, authors are those that meet the items below:

  • Agrees to be accountable for accuracy and/or integrity of the work and expertise. (In all our work the person executing the work takes the fullest degree of responsibility for accuracy and integrity.)
  • Provides substantial contributions to the experimental design, acquisition, and analysis/interpretation of the work.
  • Provides input on drafting of the work (often figures) and approves of the work to be submitted/published. (If a member of the facility has made substantial contributions it is expected that s/he will be given the opportunity to review drafts of manuscripts for accuracy/fidelity and should indicate agreement before a draft is moved forward to publication).

What types of publication should have an acknowledgement?

All work performed at ICBR should be acknowledged in scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers, and all other publications.

If a member of UF ICBR has contributed work to a manuscript, but does not meet the criteria for authorship, the corresponding author should acknowledge the ICBR staff member who provided the data and their contributions should be specified.

These authorship expectations were developed in accordance with several other documents that outline criteria for authorship:

Already Acknowledged or Collaborated with UF ICBR?

Please, let us know about your past work with UF ICBR, and we’ll highlight your research on our website and newsletter!
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