Acknowledging UF | ICBR

Proper acknowledgment helps demonstrate our value as a core research facility


In an effort to make acknowledgments easier than ever, UF | ICBR now offers Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs)– persistent and unique identifiers for referencing a research resource. Copy and paste the appropriate core RRID (below) for citation. Proper acknowledgment of UF | ICBR in publications and awards validates our role in driving research forward and provides a platform to improve our services and instrumentation. 

RRIDs are assigned to UF | ICBR cores as part of the Resource Identification Initiative. Please see below, our identifiers:

UF | ICBR Core Research Resource Identification No. (RRID)
Bioinformatics (BI) RRID:SCR_019120
Cytometry (CY) RRID:SCR_019119
Electron Microscopy (EM) RRID:SCR_019146
Gene Expression & Genotyping (GE) RRID:SCR_019145
Monoclonal Antibody (MA) RRID:SCR_019147
NextGen DNA Sequencing (NS) RRID:SCR_019152
Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry (PM) RRID:SCR_019151

Frequently Asked Questions

More about RRIDs

The Resource Identification Initiative (#RRID) is designed to help researchers sufficiently cite the key resources used to produce the scientific findings reported in the biomedical literature.

Resources (e.g. antibodies, model organisms, and software projects) reported in the biomedical literature often lack sufficient detail to enable reproducibility or reuse. This has been called out as a serious enough problem by the NIH to introduce new guidelines for Rigor and Transparency for almost all awards in starting in May of 2016.

The Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) are in the published literature; publications currently reporting RRIDs can be found in Google Scholar, PubMed Central or PubMed.

When should I acknowledge UF | ICBR Staff?

Authorship credit should be given if members of the UF | ICBR staff have provided services or expertise that is critical to a manuscript. Although other circumstances may warrant authorship, authors are those that meet the items below:

  • Agrees to be accountable for accuracy and/or integrity of the work and expertise. (In all our work the person executing the work takes the fullest degree of responsibility for accuracy and integrity.)
  • Provides substantial contributions to the experimental design, acquisition, and analysis/interpretation of the work.
  • Provides input on drafting of the work (often figures) and approves of the work to be submitted/published. (If a member of the facility has made substantial contributions it is expected that s/he will be given the opportunity to review drafts of manuscripts for accuracy/fidelity and should indicate agreement before a draft is moved forward to publication).

What types of publication should have an acknowledgement?

All work performed at UF | ICBR should be acknowledged in scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers, and all other publications.

If a member of UF | ICBR has contributed work to a manuscript, but does not meet the criteria for authorship, the corresponding author should acknowledge the ICBR staff member who provided the data and their contributions should be specified.

These authorship expectations were developed in accordance with several other documents that outline criteria for authorship:

Already Acknowledged or Collaborated with UF | ICBR?

Please, let us know about your past work with UF | ICBR, and we’ll highlight your research on our website and newsletter!
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