NextGen DNA Sequencing I Getting Started   ///  (352) 273-8050   ///    RRID:SCR_019152


When planning your NGS project, please consider the following checklist.

Consult with ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing Core

Core personnel can:

  1. Inform you on available instrumentation and sample prep services.
  2. Help you navigate through the many library construction and sequencing choice to optimize your results, based on your research goals.

To discuss a Next Generation Sequencing project contact or call 352-273-8050 or generate a request for consultation in iLab.

How to Access the NGS Core Service and Submit Your Samples

To request NGS services:

  • Create an account in our CrossLab system portal. To request an iLab account follow direction on our website (
  • Once you have an account, use your credentials to log into iLab>UF Core>NextGenSeq>Request Services>fill out the form.
  • In iLab, you will need to fill out the service-specific form (e.g., General Services, NovaSeq X Plus sequencing, PacBio Sequel IIe Sequencing, etc.). You will not be allowed to complete your submission unless you add information to required fields (e.g., payment information). Always click “Save” and the bottom of the form to complete iLab submission and get a project ID. Print your iLab form to submit with your samples.

Prepare your sample/libraries for shipping or delivery to our facility:

  • Transfer your samples into 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes in concentration and volume as indicated in our “Sample requirements”
  • Label all samples clearly. Please simplify sample names
  • Place samples in boxes of appropriate size for large number of samples or inside 50 ml conical tubes for small number of samples.
  • Prepare to submit any QC documentation you may have on your sample(s): Gel pictures, TapeStation traces, table with barcoding information, etc.
  • Pack your sample(s) on ice for DNA or frozen for RNA. Include your iLab service request form and bring your samples to the NGS lab (room 178, CGRC, 2033 Mowry Road).
    If shipping, please use this address:
    Attention: ICBR-NGS
    2033 Mowry Road
    Room 178, CGRC bldg.
    Gainesville, FL 32610

How to Access Your Data

  • Once your sample(s) has been received in the core lab, a project manager will contact you and let you know if any other information about your sample(s) is needed.
  • The project manager will also be able to inform you of approximate turn around time.
    Once all requested services have been completed, the project manager will notify you and let you know how to access your data.
  • For sequencing projects, you need to make arrangements for receipt and long-term storage of large volumes of data. ICBR is unable to store sequencing data for longer than 6 months from the original date of data delivery. ICBR will no longer support data delivery in hard drives, starting in the Fall 2019.
  • Illumina sequencing data can be accessed through BaseSpace (FASTQ). The ICBR Bioinformatics core will also contact you for delivery all raw data via Globus or HiperGator.
  • PacBio sequencing data are also delivered digitally by our Bioinformatics core via Globus or HiperGator.