Agilent 4150 TapeStation

UF | ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing


The new Agilent 4150 TapeStation system complements the Agilent automated electrophoresis platforms with a new, compact, low-throughput instrument. Building on the success of the proven ScreenTape technology, it allows a quick, easy and reliable analysis of nucleic acids for up to 16 samples per run. This affordable, entry-level system is the ideal solution for the quality control (QC) of RNA and DNA samples in next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray and qPCR workflows.

  • Established ScreenTape technology guarantees superior ease-of-use of the system
  • Constant costs per sample for up to 16 samples per run
  • Wide range of RNA and DNA ScreenTape applications available including assays for genomic and cell-free DNA
  • Results are obtained quickly; in as little as 1 to 2 minutes per sample, or less than 20 minutes for 16 samples
  • Easily switch between DNA and RNA ScreenTape assays for excellent application flexibility
  • Integrity standards for RNA (RNA integrity number equivalent, RINe) and genomic DNA (DNA Integrity Number, DIN) available
  • Compact footprint saves precious bench space in the laboratory
  • Seamless upgrade to 4200 TapeStation possible by complete assay compatibility



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