UF ICBR Empowering Research Excellence and Innovation at the University of Florida

UF ICBR Empowering Research Excellence and Innovation at the University of Florida

The University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (UF ICBR) proudly continues to enable scientific discovery and innovation across the University of Florida research community. We provide access to world-class biotechnology expertise and instrumentation, essential for advancing research.

UF Research announced impressive achievements in their 2023 Annual Report, including $1.096 billion in awards and $1.246 billion in total expenditures. UF ICBR plays a crucial role in supporting UF Research’s mission to be a globally recognized leader among research universities. Our work helps create new knowledge and technologies, perform impactful research, generate economic opportunities, and educate future leaders.

UF ICBR supported UF Research’s $1.096 billion in awards, with over $2 million directed towards research utilizing our word-class instrumentation, services, and expertise. Notable academic units conducting research at UF ICBR include:

College of Medicine: $1.28 million in research
UF/IFAS: $578,427 in research
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: over $70,000 in research
College of Engineering: $48,590 in research

For over 30 years, UF ICBR has provided the University of Florida’s faculty, staff, and graduate students with exceptional expertise and access to cutting-edge scientific technology.

UF ICBR is excited to continue supporting UF Research by expanding our research capabilities, adding new state-of-the-art instruments to our science cores, hiring more experts, and introducing new services to enhance research endeavors at the University of Florida.