Introducing the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer at UF ICBR Cytometry

Introducing the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer at UF ICBR Cytometry

The University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (UF ICBR) is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Cytometry core – the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer.

Equipped with two lasers, two fluorescence detectors, and a side scatter detector, the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer empowers researchers to measure diverse particles, including liposomes, nanoparticles, extracellular vesicles (EVs or exosomes), OMVs and viruses, whether fluorescently labeled or not. In just one minute, this cutting-edge instrument provides crucial insights into particle size, size distribution, concentration, and the presence of markers through fluorescence labeling.

The NanoFCM is highly versatile, accommodating various labeling strategies such as GFP, fluorescently tagged antibodies (like AlexaFluor and PE), nucleic acid dyes (e.g., SYTO products), and membrane dyes (like PkH67 and Membright). With a broad measurement range for extracellular vesicles, spanning sizes from 40nm to 1μm, it encompasses a wide range of small particles.

A standout feature of the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer is its ability to offer a comprehensive solution for analyzing extracellular vesicles. Conducting multiple parameter analyses in a remarkably short time, it excels at detecting the smallest and most abundant vesicles, making it an ideal analytical platform for researchers delving into EVs and other nanoparticles.

The NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer signifies a substantial upgrade to the existing technologies at ICBR. Once researchers undergo proper training, the NanoFCM will be available for self-service use during business hours. For any inquiries about the NanoFCM, please contact ICBR Cytometry at or (352) 273-6032.