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NanoFCM: Nanoparticle Flow Cytometer analyzer

The NanoFCM is a nano-flow cytometry instrument optimized for measuring biological nanoparticles such as liposomes, extracellular vesicles (including OMVs and exosomes), and viruses. Equipped with two lasers, two fluorescence detectors, and one side scatter detector, the NanoFCM can measure particle size, size distribution concentration, and the presence of markers stemming from fluorescence labelling in a one-minute run time with as little as 30uL of sample. This device is compatible with a wide range of labelling strategies, such as GFP expression or immuno-labelling with fluorescently tagged antibodies (AlexaFluor and PE being the most used markers), nucleic acid dyes (SYTO products for instance), and membrane dyes (PkH67, Membright). The NanoFCM measures extracellular vesicles ranging from 40nm to 1μm, which covers most exosome and microvesicle fractions.

Summary of the NanoFCM features:

• Scatter sensitivity: <40 nm silica nanoparticles
• Particle concentration measurement (particles/mL)
• Single photon counting avalanche photodiode detectors
• Particle integration time control for high-sensitivity detection
• Real-time, individual particle trace event: removes risk of swarm-detection
• 30μL minimum sampling volume
• Simultaneous measurement of size and concentration for fluorescently labelled samples
• Calibration standards for size, concentration and fluorescence
• One-minute measurement time
• Scatter-triggering of signal detection: no risk of false-positive events compared to fluorescence triggering detection

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