Illumina NovaSeq X Plus

UF | ICBR NextGen DNA Sequencing


The NovaSeq X Plus Sequencing System delivers extraordinary throughput and accuracy to perform data-intensive applications at production scale. This sequencer incorporates patterned flow cell technology to generate an ultra-high level of throughput for a broad range of sequencing applications. The NovaSeq X Series achieves ultra-high-resolution imaging through higher numerical aperture, a custom CMOS sensor, and two-channel SBS with blue-green optics. The smaller wavelengths allow for tighter spacing between nanowells for up to 26 billion single reads on NovaSeq X Series 25B flow cells. The X Plus system is powered by XLEAP-SBS chemistry — an even faster, higher quality, and more robust version of Illumina’s proven sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry. Built on decades of innovation, this sequencer will enable your most ambitious ultra-high-throughput projects. Most importantly, reduction in materials costs has resulted in reduced UF fees for sequencing by up to 40%.

Features of the NovaSeq X Plus include:

  1. High Throughput: Ultra-high-density flow cells enable output of up to 8Tb and 26 billion single reads per flow cell.
  2. Flexibility: Three flow cell types ranging in output from 1.6-26 billion reads support a broad range of sequencing applications.
  3. Improved chemistry: Provides highest level of data accuracy, performance, and increased reagent stability.
  4. High-speed optics: Faster scan speed powered by custom high-speed camera reduces imaging time while maintaining quality.
  5. Blue-green lasers: Higher powered, shorter wavelength lasers for increased signal & cluster resolution.
  6. Cost-Effective: Reduction in reagents costs leading to significant cost-savings.