Qubit 3.0

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Qubit® 3.0

The Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer is a benchtop fluorometer that can be used for the
quantitation of DNA, RNA, microRNA, and protein using the highly sensitive and
accurate fluorescence-based Qubit ® quantitation assays. Additionally, Ion Sphere™
Particle quality can be evaluated on the Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer using the Ion
Sphere™ Quality Control Kit prior to performing a sequencing run on the Ion
Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) Sequencer. You can also use the Qubit® 3.0
Fluorometer to directly measure the fluorescence of samples or to create new
assay(s) using the MyQubit software pre-programmed into the instrument.


• Fast and highly accurate quantitation of DNA, RNA, and protein in less than
5 seconds per sample
• High levels of accuracy using only 1–20 μL of sample, even with very dilute
• Use of dyes selective for dsDNA, RNA, or protein minimizes the effects of
contaminants in the sample
• Stores results from up to 1000 samples
• Large, state-of-the-art color touch screen for easy workflow navigation.
• Graphically displays up to 20 data points
• Instrument indicates samples that are in the extended range or out of range in
the graph, as well as in the simple sample output screen
• Saves sample data as a.CSV (comma separated value) file
• Exports data to a USB drive or directly to your computer via a USB cable
• Allows easy definition and saving of assay preferences
• Instrument user interface can be personalized to show only the frequently used
assays, to add new assays, including user-defined assays created with the
MyQubit software and web tool, and to display in the language of your choice
including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, simplified Chinese and Japanese


Manual: http://tools.thermofisher.com/content/sfs/manuals/qubit_3_fluorometer_man.pdf

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