Cell & Tissue Analysis Core
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Welcome to the Cell & Tissue Analysis Core @ ICBR Cytometry 

The Cell & Tissue Analysis Core (CTAC) has been established to provide a centralized imaging and analysis resource for the UF research community. Now acquired by ICBR we hope to further improve services and equipment options for the research community. The CTAC maintains high-end instrumentation as well as standard microscopy systems for the acquisition and analysis of bright field, ultrasonic, intravital, fluorescent, and bioluminescent data from both in vitro and in vivo experimental models. The Histology Self-Serve Lab houses several Histology instruments for hands-on access, as well as the ability to process and paraffin-infiltrate your fixed tissues.

Getting Started

We would like to help you get started so that you can carry on with your science with the minimum of fuss and be able to access the numerous instruments that we have available. To that end, this has been developed as a quick and simple primer / guide for getting all the documentation in order.

The first questions….

  • Is this project at a biosafety level higher than BSL-2?  If so, then special arrangements will be needed to ensure containment and we will require a copy of your referencing EH & S project and approval before you use the instruments.
  • Does this project involve research animals?  If so, both a copy of your referencing IACUC (Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee approved) project and its approval will be needed before you use the instruments.

Accounts set up and instructions

Before you are able to use the Core equipment, you must complete a few basic steps.  The first of these is to set up an iLab (CrossLab) account.  This is the system used for all ICBR resources.  The registration process can be started by navigating your internet browser to Here you will see information about how to become an ICBR customer, as well as instructions and links to the Registration portal at

Once you have established an iLab account, you will be able to view all instruments’ schedules that you have access for or are trained to use.  If you receive a message that you cannot see the instrument schedule selected as you are not a “Select User”, you will need to contact Doug Smith to change your account permissions values.

iLab Instrument Menu

All instrument booking is now conducted by the user ONLY. This includes booking any training necessary prior to unrestricted solo operation.  Consultation with CTAC staff is encouraged so that we can provide any assistance needed during the time booked.

Using Equipment / Workstations

Once you have reserved / booked equipment or a workstation, there is a Sign In / Sign Out procedure to follow:

Upon entering the main ICBR / CTAC suite in MBI LG-164, there will be a tablet device on the table at the hallway T junction. There will be 2 items displayed on screen, the left one will be the App to Sign In.

The user will sign in using their GatorLink credentials (address terminating in

Once this is completed, the screen will display a list of all the equipment / workstation options.  The reserved equipment / workstation should be selected, after which the ensuing page will have a START / STOP timer.

The user should start the timer for their reserved item, then log out by closing the App.

Upon completion of work at the reserved item, the user will repeat this process, excepting that they will stop the timer then log out by closing the App.

Compliance and IACUC help

All projects conducted within the CTAC must be fully compliant with the descriptions given in either EH & S registration forms or IACUC project approvals.  Help is available through the Core to assist in completing IACUC project submissions, either through direct consult or via standard language used for animal use in the Core environment.  Gary Brown specializes in this aspect and can help you move your project forward.

A generalized version of IACUC acceptable language for the in vivo imaging machines is available here: CTAC_IACUC_verbage

Facilities access help

Facilities access to the 5th floor, containing the vivarium, is controlled by the main MBI front office.  They will coordinate the 5th floor facility access form and accept once completed.  This is an online form and is entitled: “MBI Restricted Access Request Form“.  Once approved, they coordinate with Animal Care Services staff to set up a familiarization tour to compete facility specific training.