Please complete all information

If the principal investigator’s (PI) lab is not shown within the iLab login options, please register your UF laboratory. The laboratory does not yet exist within the iLab system and is required before individual users can access the system.

In addition to registering the PI lab, a Lab User can also be registered at this time. Both the PI and the Lab User will subsequently be registered for the iLab system.

Note: All UF customers without a current lab registration in iLab should use this form, regardless of the UF core or center you are attempting to use.

  • Principle Investigator Lab Information

  • Lab User Information

    If you are the PI, you do not need to complete this section. If you are a lab member and are establishing the lab account for this PI, please also include your information as a Lab User. Once completed, both the PI and Lab User will have access to login to iLab.