Leica Stellaris 8 WLL Spectral Confocal Microscope

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Leica Stellaris 8 WLL Spectral Confocal Microscope

Laser scanning confocal microscope equipped with a variable wavelength White Light Laser (WLL) for fluorescence excitation which may be set to any wavelength from 440 – 790nm. The system is also equipped with a separate 405nm diode laser for working with commonly used DAPI/Hoechst labels. Five emission channels utilizing Leica HyD hybrid detectors with an emission range out to 850nm. Each spectral based (filterless) emission channel is adjustable via the software for wavelength and band width. HyD-X detectors on channels 2 and 4 for FLIM.

Leica DMI8 Inverted format microscope frame. Objectives: 10x dry, 20x dry, 20x LWD dry, 40x dry, 63x water, 63x oil, and 100x oil. Motorized XY stage movement. OkoLab stage-top incubator for imaging samples in 37°C / 5% CO2 / humidified conditions.

Software: Leica LAS-X software with Leica LIGHTNING (deconvolution), FALCON (FLIM), and TauSense application modules.

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