Nikon Ti-E

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Nikon Ti-E “Live Cell” Widefield Microscope (Motorized)

Inverted widefield microscope with motorized XY stage for fluorescent or brightfield samples. Available Tokai-Hit stage top incubator with active CO2 and temperature regulation and passive humidity, for imaging live cells in a 35mm dish or a chambered coverglass. Motorized XY stage movement for multi-point time-lapse or tile-mapping (AKA mosaic or stitching.)

Objectives: 10x dry, 20x dry, 40x dry and 60x water.

Software: Nikon NIS-Elements v4.51 on a Windows 7 workstation. This software is also available (with the optional Deconvolution module) on our separate Windows 7 Analysis Workstation.

Multi-line LED lamp for fluorescent excitation
Fluorescent filter sets: DAPI, GFP/FITC, TRITC, Texas Red, and CY5
Phase Contrast optics for 10x and 20x
DIC (Nomarski) optics for 40x and 60x
Two cameras: Andor Zyla sCMOS 11 bit monochrome for fluorescence and a Nikon DS-Fi2 color camera for stained brightfield samples

Zyla sCMOS 5.5 Megapixel camera, 30 fps, 11 bit and 16 bit, Nikon DS-Fi2 Color 5.24 Megapixels camera.

NIS-Elements Image Capture and Analysis Software.

Equipped with a stage-top Tokai Hit Incubation Chamber and digital gas mixer, with sensor feedback system for the Elements software. Holds one multi-well culture plate or two 35mm dishes.

Nikon Perfect Focus combats axial focus flux in real time.


  • MRH10101 CFI Plan Fluor DLL 10X Objective Lens NA 0.3 WD 16MM, Eco-Glass
  • MRD30205 CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda DM 20x Objective Lens NA 0.75 WD 1.00MM
  • MRD00405 CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda 40x Dry Objective Lens NA 0.95 WD 0.21MM
  • MRD07602 CFI Plan Apo VC 60X Water Immersion (WI) Objective Lens NA 1.2 WD0.27MM, Eco-Glass

Fluorescent Filter Sets

  • Spectra X; Polychroic and quad bandpass emitter for use with the following single bandpass filters: ET395/25x, ET470/24x, ET550/15x,ET640/30x
  • Spectra X; Polychroic and triple bandpass emitter; CFP/YFP/M-Cherry
  • Custom DAPI Filter Set for use with SOLA, Exciter: ET395/25x, 25mmDichroic: T425LPXREmitter: ET460/50m, 25mm
  • TRITC (Rhodamine with Narrow-Band Excitation Filter) Filter Set,Ti Cube.Exciter: HQ545/30x, 25mmDichroic: Q570LPEmitter: HQ610/75m
  • 41025 Piston GFP Bandpass Filter Set. Exciter: HQ470/40x,25mm Dichroic: Q495LP Emitter: HQ515/30m
  • C-FL CY5 HYQ

Location: CTAC Imaging Suite (MBI LG-164)


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