PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum

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PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum Bioluminescent Imager

Bioluminescent Imager for measuring and quantifying fluorescent or chemiluminescent (Luciferin/Luciferase) signal expression in in-vivo, ex-vivo or in-vitro specimens. The IVIS system includes an isoflurane vaporizer unit for in-vivo experiments but users must provide their own isoflurane and charcoal scrubbers. (Two charcoal canisters are required.) Medical grade oxygen for running the vaporizer is provided with the system. Users must provide any other necessary reagents/supplies for prepping their samples. When performing in-vivo experiments using fluorescence, it is highly advisable to use a fluorescent label that emits above 600nm.

Software: PerkinElmerliving Image v4.5.5 on a Windows 7 workstation
Fluorescent excitation filters: 430, 465, 500, 535, 570, 605, 640, 675, 710 and 745nm
Note: All excitation filters are 35nm wide bandpass, listed wavelength is the centerline.
Fluorescent emission filters: 500, 520, 540, 560, 580, 600, 620, 640, 660, 680, 700, 720, 740, 760, 780, 800, 820 and 840nm
Note: All emission filters are 20nm wide bandpass, listed wavelength is the centerline.

NOTE: In-vivo experiments require an approved IACUC protocol.

Location: CTAC Imaging Suite (MBI LG-164)


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