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Core Resources

Using CTAC / ICBR Resources: Signing In and Out


There are two main steps that everyone needs to perform when utilizing any CTAC equipment. You must perform both steps for the iLab system to work correctly.

1) Schedule a timeslot in the iLab calendar.

2) Log into the “Self-Service Timer”.

If you wish to use one of the CTAC systems, you must book a timeslot on the system calendar in iLab (CrossLab). Yes, even if you are only going to use the equipment for a couple of minutes; you must book a time slot on the online calendar. Go to this link to enter iLab and access the equipment calendars:

If you have a valid iLab account, but you cannot access the equipment calendar, it may mean that you have not been granted access permission in the iLab system. If this happens, contact Doug and he can modify your permissions as needed.

After you have booked your time slot online and you arrive at the CTAC facility, you must login to the Self-Service Timer (iPad) before you begin using the equipment. Once you have finished, return to the Self-Service Timer and log yourself out. (Operation of the Self-Service Timer is detailed below.)

Sign In

CTAC / ICBR uses iLab (CrossLab) exclusively for all equipment and workstation reservations.  ALL users must therefore have an iLab (CrossLab) account in order to access the equipment in our facility.  The sign in procedure activates a timer to record the duration of your use for billing purposes.

You have made your booking on the schedule for Equipment X.  What now?

Step 1: Come to the CTAC / ICBR facility, at MBI LG-164

Step 2: Find the iPad tablet for signing in, on the table at the junction of the internal hallways.

It should look like this.


Step 3: Once you have clicked on iLab Self Service, you will see the following screen.

iPad GatorLink authentication

Enter your GatorLink credentials (your login) and click the Login button.

Step 4: You will see the following screen, with icons representing the ICBR suite of Core facilities.  CTAC is the yellow one at the bottom.  Click on this to display the range of equipment and workstations that are offered.

Select Core facility screen

Step 5: Now you should see all equipment and workstations CTAC / ICBR offers.  Find the one that you have a booking for and click on the Select button.

Select Equipment type

Step 6: Once the item is selected, the Timer function page will be displayed.

Equipment Timer

Click the Start Timer button to begin your session.

Sign Out

Once you have done this, click the I’m Finished button to log out your Gatorlink.  The following page should be seen.

Log out screen

Click the Done button on the top tight.  This should complete your logout.

logout success

IMPORTANT: These steps should be repeated in order to Sign In, go through the menus and stop the timer, and then Sign out again.


Errors and Problems: Some Tips

Sometimes, either through being bumped, touched accidentally or through incomplete logouts there may be some screens that can confuse.

error screen

If you see this screen, please click Done at the top right to close it out.

Almost all difficulties may be successfully addressed by use of the iPad “Pages”  onscreen button or the “Done” onscreen button (top right).

iPad View Apps  iPad Done button 


The last type of potential problems relates to the strength of the WiFi signal.  If you are having difficulties signing in, check that the icon for Wifi is visible (top right of page).  When the iPad goes to sleep, it often loses the WiFi signal. After waking up the iPad, it may take 15 – 30 seconds for the WiFi to reconnect. Please wait until it has reconnected to the WiFi before attempting to log in.


If it is not there after a minute or two, the system may have become disconnected from EDUROAM.  Please contact a CTAC / ICBR staff member to reset this connection.