Self Service

Self Service Instruments

Important information for first time users

Customers interested in using ICBR instruments for self service will need to be trained by ICBR staff before they are able to reserve an instrument for self service use. Instruments available for self service are listed below. Reservations are required unless otherwise specified.

Self Service Steps

  1. Review ICBR’s Instrument Use and Instrument Reservation Policies.
  2. Request a ICBR account by following the steps on the Become a Customer page.
  3. Contact the core to schedule a consultation or instrument training session.

Once a customer has been trained on a self service instrument, they will gain access to that instrument’s reservation calendar. Customers will need to create a submission ID, as instructed by core staff.

Instrument Reservation Calendars

Only customers that have been trained by an ICBR staff member will be able to access the self service instrument reservation calendars. Calendars reservations can be made through each core’s CrossLab page.