EASY-nLC™ 1200 System

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The EASY-nLC 1200 system provides effortless nano-flow UHPLC performance at industry leading 1200 bar. Dual in-line flow sensors before solvent mixing give excellent gradient precision. Its intuitive software facilitates rapid method set-up and immediate system control.

Increased System Robustness and Serviceability

  • New maintenance-free ceramic valves result in extraordinary dependability and lower cost of ownership
  • nanoViper connections for tool-free, reliable and fast connections
  • Easy access to all serviceable parts

Improved Performance and Throughput at 1200 bar

  • Enables use of longer analytical columns for higher peak capacity
  • Provides faster sample loading and column equilibration increasing sample throughput without sacrificing performance

Intelligent Maintenance

  • Automated, built-in maintenance routines
  • User friendly leak tests pinpoint position of leaks
  • Advanced pressure test quickly diagnoses blocked capillaries
  • Detailed event log for troubleshooting
  • Remote access capability for system interrogation and technical support

Advanced Flow Control

  • Robust performance and increased throughput during loading and equilibration steps from Thermo Scientific™ Intelligent Flow Control (IFC™)
  • Outstanding reproducibility throughout your injection sequence during gradient delivery from Thermo Scientific™ Automatic Flow Control (AFC™)

Integrates with XCalibur Data System Software
Thermo Scientific™ XCalibur™ is the state-of-the-art software solution for controlling Thermo Scientific™ mass spectrometers. The EASY-nLC software is fully integrated with Xcalibur software, allowing full LC-MS control through a single software solution.


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