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Offered Services

MRM and "Mass Western" Analysis

MRM quantitative analysis (relative and absolute quantification) of small molecules and peptides/proteins. Price per sample for full service.

MRM Training and Self Service

Two-day training to learn MRM optimization to quantify small molecules and peptides. Price per hour for self service.

Luminex Biomarker Assay

Luminex biomarker immunoassays are antibody-based and there are customized panels for multiplex protein quantitation using the Luminex instrument platform. High-throughput screening up to 500 biomarkers simultaneously.

Luminex Training and Self Service

Protein Identification

Routine protein identification by tandem mass spectrometry from 1D gel bands, 2D gel spots, solution, and immunoprecipitates.

Quantitative Proteomics

Quantitative proteomics analyses. Specific methodology varies with the nature of the sample and the goals of the project.

Post-translational Modification Analysis

Mapping of post-translational modifications or derivatives (e.g. phosphorylation, ubiquitination, acetylation).

Custom Project

Schedule a consultation to discuss custom project needs and prepare statement of work with the Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry team.

1D and 2D Gel Analysis

Analysis includes 1D and 2D gel, 2D DIGE, image analysis, staining, gel excision, and Western Blot.

1D and 2D Gel Instrument Training and Self Service

Sample Fractionation

Separation of proteins and peptides by 3100 OFFGEL Fractionator or HPLC.

Workshop and Training


  • Quantitative Proteomics
  • Data Analysis

Training per request

  • Sample preparation
  • HPLC Training and Self Service
  • Typhoon Scanner Training and Self Service

Service Price List

Last Updated: 08/2019

Direct Infusion

Gel-related services

Instrumental analysis

Luminex Service

MRM Quantitative Services

Method development

Protein Identification

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Proteomics


Sample preparation