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Ultimate precision for mass spectrometric applications Maximum uptime Short run-to-run times for speed of routine analysis Reproducible Built for the highest reproducibility in retention time and peak shape. Speed Fast and accurate time to results for improved outputs. High performance Accurate results for complete confidence in results. Customized Tailored to your application for maximum flexibility in operation. Robust and precise performance Reliable with design for confidence in results Elute LC systems are built on an innovative pump design that provides a virtually pulse free, precise, volumetric flow control which is independent of flow rates, solvent compressibility or composition. All Elute LC systems are configured with two pairs of serial-coupled, individually controlled linear drive pump heads. This principle makes it easy to transfer ultra high performance liquid chromatography methods from one system to another, whether to an adjacent laboratory or across the globe. The flow path is optimized by minimizing the gradient delay volume to deliver high chromatographic resolution, fast gradients and ultimate short cycle times, increasing sample throughput and reducing cost. Delivering maximum uptime All Elute LC systems incorporate a true self-priming and self-purging-facility through the built-in pump. The automatic purge and mobile phase priming process takes only a few minutes and makes it simple to exchange mobile phases to avoid any leaks in manual operations. In addition, the use of two different sets of mobile phases and the option of up to six column exchanges provides flexibility for routine labs, allowing high productivity and overnight LC-MS runs.

More Details: https://www.medicalexpo.com/prod/bruker-daltonics-inc/product-75820-853501.html

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