Orbitrap Fusion Tribird

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The Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid Mass Spectrometer enables scientists analyzing the most challenging low-abundance, high-complexity samples to identify more compounds faster, quantify more accurately and elucidate structures more thoroughly.


Uncompromising Performance

  • Ultrahigh resolution up to 500,000 FWHM removes interferences
  • Precursor selection using a quadrupole mass filter allows the ion trap and Orbitrap mass analyzers to operate in parallel for excellent sensitivity and selectivity
  • Multiple dissociation techniques—CID, HCD, and optional ETD—with ion trap or Orbitrap detection at any level of MSn maximize flexibility for research applications
  • Flexibility of fragmentation—CID-HCD, HCD-CID, and HCD-HCD—at any stage of MSn analysis with fragment ions detected by either mass analyzer enables detailed structure determination of metabolites, glycans and other small molecules
  • Active beam guide with axial field reduces noise and increases robustness
  • Novel Orbitrap analyzer design and dual-pressure ion trap configuration provide fast MS/MS scan rates up to 20 Hz with unmatched spectral quality
  • Thermo Scientific™ Easy-Max NG™ and optional Thermo Scientific™ Ion Max NG™ and Nanospray Flex NG™ ion sources deliver next-generation performance

Unrivaled Proteomics Capabilities

  • Wide dynamic range and ultrahigh mass resolution allow identification of more low-abundance proteins with confidence
  • Ultrahigh mass resolution is ideal for analysis of monoclonal antibodies and other intact proteins
  • Sub-1-ppm mass accuracy provided by the optional Thermo Scientific™ EASY-IC™ ion source with internal calibration adds confidence to protein quantification results
  • Automated Synchronous Precursor Selection (SPS) for MS3 significantly increases the number of peptides and proteins identified and improves quantitative accuracy when using isobaric mass tags
  • Simple, reliable Thermo Scientific™ EASY-ETD™ ion source (optional) complements CID and HCD data and enhances characterization of complex P™s

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