Talos™ L120C G2

UF | ICBR Electron Microscopy


• The Talos L120C G2 is a 120 kV Transmission Electron Microscope, uniquely designed for performance across a wide range of applications, such as imaging of cells, cell organelles, asbestos, polymers and soft materials.

• The system’s Constant-Power™ C-TWIN lens delivers outstanding optical performance to help ensure an optimal balance of contrast and resolution at both moderate and high magnifications.

• The Talos L120C G2 is a fully digital microscope, which incorporates a new digital search-and-view camera (SmartCam), specially designed by Thermo Fisher Scientific. This high-speed digital camera replaces the conventional fluorescent viewing screen and gives users the freedom to operate the microscope under daylight conditions. The Talos L120C allows for up to 10 meter separation between the workstation and the microscope

• In the unique Talos concept, all microscope components, like the electron gun, the optical elements, the vacuum system and the stage, are digitally controlled. The task-oriented user interface allows users to automatically recall all optimized operating conditions including lens settings, gun parameters, optical alignments, and aperture alignments. The acquisition of data with the Ceta 16M pixel CMOS camera is embedded in the Talos user interface. Because of this sophisticated computer system, the Talos is especially suited for multi-user and multi-discipline environments.

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