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Dual source design to match PASEF® empowered LC-MS/MS identification with label-free spatial localization to decode the molecular make up of your sample

Built on the standard for shotgun proteomics, the timsTOF fleX combines best in class 4D X-Omics with Bruker’s cutting edge MALDI Imaging technology, including smartbeam 3D laser optics for fast measurement all in one platform. A dual source instrument ideal for SpatialOMx®, timsTOF fleX conducts robust ESI measurements and spatially resolves a wide range of molecules directly from tissue using one platform. No single instrument has before provided access to both essential capabilities for the most advanced OMICS researchers.

During operation, software activation of the smartbeam 3D laser is the only change in the source region to change from ESI to MALDI in seconds. No complicated changeover means making zero compromises in productivity and the ability to move effortlessly from world class OMICS identification and quantification workflows to creating high definition molecular maps of tissue sections to see what matters most.


True pixel imaging at high speed and high spatial resolution

True pixel imaging is key to get molecular insights into histological regions or even into single cells. The smartbeam 3D laser technology implemented in the timsTOF fleX enables fast acquisitions and retains true pixel shapes.

Irregularities in thickness of tissue sections do not influence mass accuracy in the QTOF configuration of the timsTOF fleX since the mass analyzer is decoupled from the ion source and leads to high-definition MALDI images.

Zoom mode to see what really matters

Besides the ability to generate high definition “True Pixel” MALDI images, the smartbeam 3D laser provides rock solid laser guided targeting down to 10 µm with Bruker’s new zoom mode technology. Users now have the flexibility to adjust their laser spot size and spacing to accommodate a wider range of granularity depending on biological features of interest.

More Details: https://www.bruker.com/en/products-and-solutions/mass-spectrometry/timstof/timstof-flex.htmlhttps://youtu.be/j6CuPksXNDY


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