Vanquish Horizon

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Handles the sample with more accuracy

Record data over the entire weekend. Out of the box, Vanquish Horizon system’s Split Sampler HT module comes with a vial capacity of 208 samples. Increase to 8832 sample capacity (23 well plates) by adding the optional Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Charger.

  • Unsurpassed sample dosage precision
  • Innovative air stream cooling for maximum sample integrity
  • Automated workflows with barcode reading

Drives the separation with more power

Obtain consistent results from the Vanquish Binary Pump H module’s smooth flow delivery and correct gradient composition. Use extended pressure range with ease—the entire system including proprietary injection and switching valves—was built for it.

  • Higher pump pressure: 1500 bar (22,000 psi) pump pressure
  • Higher flow rate: up to 5mL/min
  • More solvent channels: 2×3
  • Up to nine different solvent combinations without stopping your experiment to replace solvents

Controls the separation with more confidence

Ensure even temperature throughout using the two thermostatting modes of the Vanquish system’s Column Compartment H module. Avoid performance loss from temperature effects using the system’s active pre-heating to ensure solvent entering the column will match the column temperature.

  • Two thermostatting modes: still air and forced air
  • Temperature range from 5°C to 120°C
  • Active preheating

Directs the analyte with more sensitivity

Achieve signal-to-noise excellence from the very long light path and minimum peak dispersion of Thermo Scientific™ LightPipe™ technology in the Vanquish system’s Diode Array Detector HL module.

  • Linear up to 3000 mAU
  • Noise levels down to ±3 μAU
  • Lowest dispersion and baseline noise

Driven by gold-standard CDS Software

Control and monitor your experiment with the award winning Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. Add the convenience of controlling and monitoring your experiment directly from a tablet using the Chromeleon App, which will be available on all major mobile platforms

Easy and reliable tool-free connections

Enjoy tool-free maintenance and easy and reliable sealing mechanism of check valves and other connections with the system’s Thermo Scientific™ Viper™ Figertight Fittings technology.

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