UF Research Community Joins Hands to Donate Gloves, Masks and Other PPE

UF Research Community Joins Hands to Donate Gloves, Masks and Other PPE

The same personal protective equipment (PPE) that is used in research labs is also used in clinical settings. Currently, this equipment is incredibly valuable as health workers are on the front lines treating COVID-19. In keeping with the UF spirit of collaboration and innovation, researchers from across the University of Florida donated thousands of PPE to support local medical workers.The solicitation of the donation drive was orchestrated by UF|Research.

The donated supplies, including gloves, masks, and suits, were collected at UF ICBR and made ready for distribution across UF Health facilities by a team from the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute.


Reflecting on the volume of donations, Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul director of ICBR said, “it is pretty impressive; it makes one proud of our Gator community!”

“People were extraordinarily generous, and we could not have been as efficient and effective with the gathering and organization if it were not for the nursing staff that Dr. Brian Sevier sent over from his staff,”

Additionally, a number of donations were also collected from anonymous donors in the UF Research community.

These researchers aren’t the only ones stepping up to support their clinical colleagues. Here are a few other collection efforts happening across UF.