UPDATE: ICBR Continues to Provide Support to UF Community

UPDATE: ICBR Continues to Provide Support to UF Community

With the progression of recent events, there are a lot of questions about how it affects ICBR users. Please see below, important changes that could impact your experience at ICBR. These changes will be in place for the foreseeable future. Please refer back to this page for timely updates.

As always, check the UF dedicated site for campus-wide information and initiatives.


[Updated: March 30th, 3:00m]

    • ICBR remains open to support essential research on the University of Florida campus.
    • However, our level of staffing and hours have been reduced to the following:
      • Starting the week of March 30th, ICBR cores will be open to accept samples only from 8:00 – 5:00 Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, ICBR personnel will not have a presence on campus, and cannot accept samples. However, we are working off site, and can be reached by Zoom, phone and e-mail for consultation and guidance.
      • ICBR Self Service components will be maintained along the practices currently used for weekend access, but please contact specific Cores for details.
      • ICBR Staffing is down by about 50% to maximize social distancing, which could impact the time projects require for completion.
    • Again, please no not hesitate to reach out to us (ICBR-Contactus@ad.ufl.edu) or to individual Cores, with any questions.

Current Policies and Procedures Below:

Access for Visitors to ICBR

    • Access to ICBR by outside UF visitors (anyone without a Gator1 ID) is currently restricted, and requires prior approval. This restriction includes external customers, service contract technicians, maintenance and repair crews, and scientific visitors.
    • Access to ICBR by inside UF Visitors (anyone with a Gator1 ID) is also likely to become somewhat restricted starting March 23. Please stay tuned, but the next layer of security will be to provide your UFID to enable access through the outer doors of the CGRC building.
        • UF Customers who need to drop off samples, or enter ICBR for any other reason, please contact the relevant Core Director, or contact us through ICBR-Contactus@ad.ufl.edu the day before you would like access so we can enter your UFID into the system.
    • Thank you for understanding!


Training and Self-Service

    • Training is currently suspended for all cores. This restriction also includes operations that require close one-on-one operations between customer and core personnel on the same instrument, such as staff assisted work.
    • Self-service for outside visitors (external users) is currently suspended in all cores.
    • Self-service users on the first floor of CGRC will be asked to wait inside room CGRC 184 until a representative from the appropriate lab arrives to walk them to their core.
    • Self-service will be limited to one user per machine.


Sample Drop-Offs

    • FIRST, please look for any updates in the “Access for Visitors to ICBR” section above with regard to restrictions accessing ICBR.
    • For sample drop-off on the first floor of CGRC, users will be directed to wait inside CGRC 184. Front desk staff will notify the core and a representative from that core will meet you in CGRC 184 to collect the sample and direct you back to the front desk.
    • Customers, please label all samples with labels that can withstand an ethanol wipe down.
    • We are no longer collecting GENEWIZ or Eurofins samples for the foreseeable future, please visit their respective websites for other drop off locations and shipping instructions.


Other Important Notes

    • Consultations: Customer consultations will be conducted by Zoom or by phone until otherwise noted.
    • Limited Staff: ICBR will be operating with minimal staff for the foreseeable future. Please keep this in mind as it relates to turnaround times and service expectations.
    • Partner and Vendor Closures: As we receive more information from our vendors and partners about their respective closures, ICBR might be forced to suspend certain services. Please refer to the list below:
      • PacBio is closing for three weeks and NS will be unable to perform PacBio services.


Final Note

    • Most importantly, ICBR’s first priority is the safety of our colleagues, the community we serve, and the people who call ICBR home. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue supporting UF research endeavors, while maintaining the best practices guided by the University of Florida.