Instrument Spotlight: Protein Simple Wes

Wes™ lets you separate and analyze proteins by size from 2-440 kDa. He also gets you down to pg-level sensitivity with just 3 µL of starting material. Got a lot of samples and no time? No problem. Wes runs up to 25 samples in 3 hours flat and gives you quantitative, size-based data including total protein. Don’t wait to discover, get going today with Wes!

Our Simple Western systems offer the right throughput for your needs. Whether you are looking to process up to 24 samples per run or just 13, we have an instrument for you. Screen and optimize assays in less time. All the throughput you need with minimum hands-on time.


WES is an automated gel free, blot free chemiluminescent Western instrument.  A 13 capillary or 25 capillary cartridge can be used for Western blot and total protein assays. It is possible to do limited multiplexing of primary antibodies. 

Compass Software provides data analysis, processes the results and provides an export feature to simplify sharing and transferring results.

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