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Did you know that one of the most accurate, universal methods for quantifying total protein is by using infrared (IR)-based protein quantitation?

That’s why MilliporeSigma developed the Direct Detect® infrared spectrometer, to make the power and accuracy of IR spectroscopy accessible to any life science laboratory.

Goodbye, Bradford Assays!

Direct Detect Infrared Spectrometer

Quantify your total protein content and simultaneously analyze other sample components with the Direct Detect® spectrometer, the first infrared (IR) –based protein quantitation system.

What if you never had to run another Bradford or BCA? Ever? With the Direct Detect® spectrometer, spot 2 μL of your sample, blank with sample buffer, and read! No sample prep, reusable standard curves, and no messy cuvettes or liquid waste.

The Direct Detect® system provides accurate results without the pitfalls of colorimetric assays. By measuring amide bonds in protein chains, the system accurately determines an intrinsic component of every protein without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding properties or reduction-oxidation (redox) potential. You can also evaluate other components of complex mixtures separable from the protein spectral region—like lipids—making lysates and membrane preps easier than ever!

Direct Detect® Spectrometer: Enabling Assay-Free Sample Analysis

  • Analyzes single samples within two minutes
  • Improves accuracy over traditional colorimetric assays
  • Compatible with majority of detergents and reducing agents that interfere with traditional protein quantitation assays
  • Preserves precious samples — requires only 2 μL per analysis.
  • Built-in additional software permits quantitation of long aliphatic chains in lipids and detergents


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