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Sequel System: Superior accuracy, long reads, uniform coverage

  • The Sequel System is based on our proven Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology and it can:
  • Generate up to 20 Gb per SMRT Cell with average read lengths up to 30 kb and achieve high consensus accuracies (>99.999%) for whole genome sequencing projects
  • Generate up to 500,000 long, single-molecule reads with high fidelity (>99% accuracy) for amplicon and RNA sequencing projects
  • >99.999% (QV50) consensus accuracy with data free of systematic errors with an efficient <1 day workflow.

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Sequel System features

  • Automated consumable handling with integrated software
  • Intuitive run setup and monitoring
  • Run-time flexibility up to 20 hours per SMRT Cell
  • Walk away time up to 4 days

Watch this ~3 minute video to further explore the features and benefits of the Sequel System


High-quality sequencing for genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes

Whole Genome SequencingFor humans, plants, animals and microbes including de novo sequencing and structural variant detection Complex PopulationsUnderstand variants among bacterial, viral and cancer cell populations


RNA SequencingIn-depth analysis of cDNA sequences across the entire transcriptome or targeted genes EpigeneticsDetect DNA modifications in your samples while you sequence on the PacBio platform
Targeted SequencingStudy relevant genome targets across any regions of interest