Dr. David Moraga: 30 Years of Advancing Scientific Excellence at ICBR

Dr. David Moraga: 30 Years of Advancing Scientific Excellence at ICBR

David Moraga, PhD, the NextGen Sequencing director at the ICBR, is retiring after 30 years of service. Since 1993, Dr. Moraga has played a vital role in advancing the center’s mission of providing cutting-edge scientific technology and research support services to the global scientific community.

Dr. David Moraga’s name has been almost synonymous with DNA sequencing for decades at ICBR and in the UF biotech community. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is astounding, and he has played a crucial role in keeping the Next Generation Sequencing Core current with the rapidly evolving technology in the field. In the last four years alone, he has helped ICBR expand our capabilities for state-of-the-art whole genome sequencing twice, and in the exploration of completely new technologies to help UF researchers delve deeper into questions of how cells work at the molecular level. David will be missed, but his enduring legacy continues to shine in the ICBR NS Core!Dr. Anna Lisa Paul, ICBR Director

As the director of the Next Generation DNA Sequencing core (NGS), Dr. Moraga oversaw the scientific, technical, and administrative management of the NGS. His responsibilities included supervising a team of molecular biologists and ensuring the successful execution of all projects submitted to the facility. With expertise in various DNA sequencing skills and technologies, Moraga contributed significantly to biological research by assisting students, technicians, and Principal Investigators through consultations, technical advice, and contributions to grant proposals and journal publications.

“Dr. Moraga has been a phenomenal resource to UF investigators for next generation sequencing. His experience and expertise in this technology has not only ensured routine generation of high-quality sequencing data but has also allowed UF scientists to develop custom methods using DNA sequencing. He has a great passion for good science which comes across very clearly in any discussions you have with him. Dr. Moraga has directly impacted the research efforts of many, many UF investigators. His legacy of providing world-class DNA sequencing services will live on with the members of the NGS Core he has trained and mentored. We all certainly wish him the very best in his retirement.”   – Dr. Steve Madore, Associate Director for Science

Dr. Moraga’s work had significant impact on researchers throughout the University of Florida. In 2007, he implemented new microarray-based genotyping core services at the ICBR, providing support to numerous labs on campus.

As Dr. Moraga enters retirement, his profound influence on the ICBR and the scientific community at large will continue to be felt. His dedication, expertise, and leadership at the ICBR have left an indelible mark, inspiring future generations of researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.