High School Students Dive into Biotechnology at the UF Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research

High School Students Dive into Biotech at the UF Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research

Last week, high school students from Mount Dora Christian Academy visited the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR). During their visit, they explored the expansive world of biotechnology and they learned about the ICBR’s pivotal role in advancing discoveries in the life sciences at UF.

“Hosting visits of young aspiring scientists like this allows students with an interest in biology the opportunity to get a close up glimpse of a functioning academic biotechnology center like ICBR. ICBR scientists serve as important role models for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in science.” Dr. Steven Madore, ICBR Associate Director for Science

                    Dr. Yanping Zhang, Scientific Director of the ICBR Gene Expression Core shows students the ThermoFisher GeneTitan.                                                 


“The ICBR supports much of the biomolecular science conducted at the University of Florida, and inviting students to see the breadth of that research makes it more familiar, making it easier to envision exploring those fields themselves.”Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul, Director of ICBR 

The tour began with presentations by ICBR Core Directors to highlight the broad spectrum of biotechnology research conducted here. The students had the chance to see up close the wide variety of cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies used in supporting life sciences research on campus.

“Visiting the ICBR was a fantastic experience for my Biomedical Science students. They were able to build on their knowledge and understanding of what we have been learning in class. Little things, like seeing graduate students using a lab notebook and micropipettes really made an impact on them. Talking with professionals in the field of biotechnology and seeing their passion for the work that they do to better society encouraged my students to one day serve their community and increase their interest in the medical field. I am thankful to everyone at ICBR for their kindness and for taking the time to teach my students.”Laura Barker, Secondary Science Teacher, Head of BSI 

This immersive experience not only broadened the students’ horizons but also instilled in them a renewed passion for biotechnology. It served as a testament to the importance of real-world exposure in shaping the future scientists of tomorrow.