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Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul receives NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Congratulations to UF’s Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul on receiving the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal this past September! The prestigious award is reserved for individual efforts that are in line with NASA’s mission and have resulted in considerable scientific discovery or resulted in contributions of fundamental importance in their field or...
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Introducing Core Directors’ Open Consultation Meetings

In a continued effort to provide accessible and specialized expertise to our users, UF ICBR is proud to announce our Core Directors’ Open Consultation Meetings. Each month we will be available for a two hour walk-in session to discuss the best approaches and strategies for using ICBR technologies and expertise...
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The NovaSeq 6000 has arrived at UF ICBR!

After much anticipation, the Illumina NovaSeq 6000 has arrived at UF ICBR. Users can expect access later this fall. The NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System unleashes groundbreaking innovations that leverage our proven technology. Now you can get scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any sequencing method, genome, and scale of project. The...
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ICBR Bioinformatics Contributes to Landmark UFHCC Publication

The ICBR Bioinformatics Core contributed to a high-profile paper from the cancer research laboratory of UFHCC Director Dr. Jonathan Licht, recently published in Cancer Discovery. The paper, entitled “A Mutation in Histone H2B Represents a New Class of Oncogenic Driver”, describes how mutations in core histones disrupt nucleosome stability, leading...
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Help ICBR Grow in Ten Quick Questions!

We want to hear about your experience working with UF ICBR. What do you like? How can we improve? We want to hear from you. For your convenience, we kept our survey to ten quick questions. This is your opportunity to help us continue our quest to become the best...
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Instrument Spotlight: Protein Simple Wes

Wes™ lets you separate and analyze proteins by size from 2-440 kDa. He also gets you down to pg-level sensitivity with just 3 µL of starting material. Got a lot of samples and no time? No problem. Wes runs up to 25 samples in 3 hours flat and gives you...
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Instrument Spotlight: PacBio Sequel

GAIN A COMPREHENSIVE VIEW OF GENOMES, TRANSCRIPTOMES, AND EPIGENOMES – Create high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies of eukaryotic organisms – Survey large population cohorts and resolve structural variants – Read full-length transcripts to characterize isoform diversity – Target all variant types across relevant genomic regions – Detect epigenetic modifications...
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Single Cell Genomics on the 10X Genomics Chromium System

The ICBR and UFHCC have partnered in the acquisition of new cutting-edge technology with the capability of analyzing gene structure and gene activity at the single cell level. The Chromium instrument developed by California-based 10X Genomics inc. provides two unique key technologies to the UF research community. In one application,...
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Special ICBR Electron Miscroscopy Announcement

The ICBR recently completed several upgrades to the cryoEM facility to enhance the performance of the FEI F20 FEG transmission electron microscope. Specifically, sound dampening walls and a dedicated HVAC system that could deliver sufficient cooling with minimal air current and temperature fluctuations better than +/- 1° F were installed....
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