Dr. Mariza Miranda Named Scientific Director of ICBR Cytometry

Dr. Mariza Miranda Named Scientific Director of ICBR Cytometry

UF ICBR is excited to announce that Dr. Mariza Miranda has been named Scientific Director of ICBR’s Cytometry core. Dr. Miranda has a Masters and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with more than 12 years of experience working as a researcher to develop multidisciplinary projects.

“As a new Core Director, I am very excited to continue to offer excellence and expertise to researchers inside and outside of UF. To provide easy access to cost-effective, cutting-edge cytometry instrumentation and microscopes, novel methodologies and data analysis expertise, as well as facilitating instrument self-use through comprehensive user training based on SOPs, together with the Cytometry team.”

Mariza Miranda, Ph.D.

Over the past three years, she has worked as a Research Specialist in ICBR Cytometry, acquiring immense experience in flow cytometer technique and small particles analysis. Dr. Miranda’s time serving as ICBR Cytometry’s interim director has provided crucial experience leading a team, managing schedules, and administrating work and expertise.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Miranda at the helm of the ICBR Cytometry Core. She was extraordinary in leading the team during the transition, and is bringing new vision and perspective to the Cytometry mission.”

Anna-Lisa Paul, Ph.D., UF ICBR Director

The flow core looks to capitalize on her success heading into 2023, “For the next year, we are eagerly looking forward to working with our new Symphony S6 sorter: expanding our capabilities to run bigger panels and collect more populations (6 way). We are also planning to launch a new service next year to run labeled and unlabeled exosomes using the Cytoflex LX,” remarked Dr. Miranda.

“Dr. Miranda is a talented and experienced scientist who brings to the ICBR her enthusiasm, her great work ethic and her dedication to excellent customer service.  She is outstanding at providing advice and consultation to our UF research community in flow cytometry and confocal microscopy, and is committed to engaging in a continuous strategic process aimed at improving, upgrading, and expanding our service portfolio in Cytometry.”

Steve Madore, Ph.D.

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