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NextGen DNA Sequencing Customers:

For more information visit: https://www.10xgenomics.com/solutions/genome/

The Chromium Genome uses the power of Linked-Reads to fully resolve genic phasing, reveals structural variation and detects variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the genome.

ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping Customers:

For more information visit: https://www.10xgenomics.com/solutions/single-cell/

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling of hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. Our latest improvements allow you to detect even more unique transcripts per cell and with the addition of Feature Barcoding technology, you can get a more complete molecular readout cell by cell—identify cell-specific CRISPR-mediated perturbations or simultaneously measure gene and cell surface protein expression in the same cell, with virtually unlimited possibilities for the additional feature types.


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