10x Genomics Visium CytAssist

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The 10X Genomics VISIUM CytAssist is a compact instrument designed to simplify the Visium workflow by facilitating the transfer of gene-specific transcriptomic probes from standard glass slides to Visium slides, enabling whole transcriptomic spatial profiling across entire tissue sections. The VISIUM platform is compatible with both FFPE and FF samples. When further optimization is needed for Visium experiments, it can be done using standard histological techniques to find biologically significant sections. Since the probe-hybridization is done on standard glass slides, it enables truly unbiased spatial discovery across an extending range of correspondent tissue.

The highlights of this instrument are:

• Simplified sample handling with automated transfer of transcriptomic analytes from standard slides onto the Capture Area of a Visium slide.
• Eliminate the need to section directly onto the Visium slide, and expand sample compatibility to pre-sectioned slides.
• Maximize insights from Visium experiments by pre-screening tissue sections with standard histological techniques to select the most biologically significant sections.
• Precisely capture analytes from up to two FFPE tissue sections per run in less than one hour using CytAssist specific slides and reagents.
• Two different Capture Area options with 6.5 mm or 11 mm.
• Visium HD compatible for truly single-cell-scale spatial resolution.

More information about this instrument can be found here: https://www.10xgenomics.com/instruments/visium-cytassist

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