BD Rhapsody

UF | ICBR Gene Expression & Genotyping

Analyze the expression of hundreds of genes across tens of thousands of single cells in parallel

The BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System profiles the gene expression of thousands of single cells, with predesigned or customized assays flexible enough to meet any experimental need in an efficient system that reduces experimentation time and sequencing costs.

Experience a total end-to-end system

Complete system, including reagents and analysis software that work together to meet your single-cell experiment needs.

Realize the potential of targeted assays

Targeted panels help lower experimental costs, helping you do more with less.

Improve experimental efficiency

Subsampling, targeted gene panels and archiving help preserve precious sample and increase assay sensitivity.

Use BD Bioinformatics to help guide your experiments from whole transcriptome amplification (WTA) data to a targeted custom panel for maximum cost savings and assay sensitivity.

Capture and isolate cells

The BD Rhapsody cartridge enables single-cell capture and indexing of cells and mRNA transcripts on magnetic beads.

Bypass PCR bias with molecular indexing

Patented technology assigns unique cell and molecular indices to generate more accurate transcript quantification.

Choose or design a panel for your needs

Characterize novel and rare cell types using custom or predesigned targeted gene panels.

Analyze data like a pro

The BD Rhapsody system provides all the tools needed to analyze, visualize and understand your data.

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